How to Grow and Expand Your Architecture Firm

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The architecture design business is booming and has no signs of slowing down in the future. People from all walks of life, with budgets of all shapes and sizes, are in need of architectural experts. Visionaries who have the ability to create one-of-a-kind designs for their offices, apartment complexes, and residential homes. A world without designers and structurally gifted artists would be a boring and aesthetically unappealing place to live.

Perhaps you are a newly established architecture design firm that is looking to make a name for itself- or maybe you run a struggling architecture design firm and are looking for ways to boost your client list and bottom line..What is the next step for you and your company?

There are several ways to optimize the growth of your architecture company and expand market reach!

  • Social Media Marketing:

The number one way to increase the presence of your company and reach your ideal target markets- is social media. Social media literally gives you the power to connect with anyone anywhere. There are several strategic ways you can utilize social media to expand the growth of your architecture company. The first step is to establish several social media platforms- if that has not been already been done. The primary platforms that every business should have are Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is the original way to reach audiences far and wide. The next platform is Instagram- to showcase ‘before and after’s’ of recent projects. Next, your architecture firm can create a Pinterest page to share past, present, and future design projects! And finally, create a YouTube channel for your architecture firm! This is another user-friendly platform where your clients can see what goes behind the scenes of your projects, meet the design team and even promote a few DIY ideas! Social media is essentially the best way to simultaneously connect with your intended audience and promote the many services that your firm has to offer!

  • Set Strategic Goals:

It is virtually impossible to catapult your business to success without a little bit of finesse and strategic effort. At the beginning of every single month sit down with your team and create a plan to reach out to five new clients each week- which translates into twenty potential clients every single month! With determination, strategy and a little bit of luck- your architecture company will be headed on the path towards success!

  • Captivating Website:

Creating an engaging website is just as important as a strong social media presence. The growth and further expansion of your architecture company are linked to a captivating website. Your firm’s website is an advertisement for your business. And similar to a job interview- your site has the ability to make or break the perception of every single page visitor…in seconds. In order to expand your website, you want your site to be three explicit things- aesthetically pleasing to each and every visitor, ease of site navigation for all users both on traditional PC’s as well as mobile devices- over sixty percent of all online searches are conducted on mobile devices. And finally, make it easy for visitors to connect with your brand! Consider introducing chatbot features for site visitors to ask questions and learn more about your architecture firm and don’t forget to link all of your social media platforms on your site.

  • Network in your local community:

One should never underestimate the power of connections. Sit down with each and every member of your architecture firm team and create a comprehensive list of potential clients from family members, friends, or even old college roommates! The next step your firm can take is joining local business associations such as the local Business Networking International (BNI) Chapter or the local chamber of commerce. This is a great way to grow your architecture firm by expanding your list of connections, reach larger markets on both the local and national scale!

  • Establish your firm in the local area:

Whether your firm has been in the area for over 20 years or a two-week-old startup, it is imperative to establish your firm as an authority in your field in the community.

You may be wondering- “How can this be done?”

It’s simple. Volunteer at non-profits in the local area,, create a referral program for clients both new and old and participate in local beautification projects. These local projects double as a great way to expand your portfolio. With a little bit of ingenuity and brainstorming- there are unlimited ways to boost the expansion of your company!

  • Hire a Marketing specialist:

Hiring an outside marketing specialist is often the best way to gain more exposure and grow your brand! This is often the best strategy for firms who are overwhelmed with design projects and simply do not have the time commit to in-house marketing efforts such as the daily management of social media and website management. By hiring a marketing specialist- you will have more time to focus on current projects, and leave the marketing strategies and extra leg work to the experts!

  • In-house marketing efforts

It may not be financially feasible for brand new start-ups to employ the expertise of marketing specialists- but all is not lost! There are several ways that brands can promote their company from the inside. Two of the easiest ways this can be done is by hiring brand ambassadors and attending local trade shows. Brand ambassadors are the holy grail of in-house marketing efforts! These ambassadors act as the face of your architecture firm and also have several marketing capabilities. For example- these ambassadors have the ability to manage social media accounts by maintaining a strong presence online presence by. Engaging with clients new and old, answering questions and attending trade shows by locally and nationally!

Expanding the growth of your architecture company does not need to be a challenging experience- or drain the company expense account. It does do not matter if you are a new startup or an established firm in your area- you have the potential to take your company to new heights with a lot of talent and a little bit of strategy! See more visit: Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design Inc.

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