Get An Offbeat Look With Different Types Of Hair Extensions

Hair extension is the perfect gift for someone who wishes to have long hair. They are great as they add length and volume to your hair instantly. For the girls who have thin hair, here is a solution to your problem. Hair extensions can help you in getting a voluminous look in seconds. All you need to do is, know the types of extension available in the market and figure out which one will best suit your thin hair.

Get An Offbeat Look With Different Types Of Hair Extensions

Here is the list of the types of hair extensions available in the market:

  • Micro Links Hair Extensions: This type of hair extension is attached strand by strand to your original hair with an attaching tool. It may add weight and pull your hair if used in the long run. The attaching process can damage your hair if clamped for a long time.
  • Braided Weft Hair Extensions: The original hair is first braided to form braided strands, the braided wefts are then sewn to the braids of your original hair. This adds volume to your hair and gives it a bouncy look. This type of hair extension may not work for the girls who have short hair as it will be difficult to make enough braids attach it with the weft.
  • Clip in hair extensions: These are temporary extensions. They can be applied and removed whenever you want. They are easy to handle and needs very less maintenance. The clips may put a strain on your original hair if used for a long time.
  • Fusion Hair Extensions: The best part of fusion hair extensions is they add gloss and shine to your hair. They have Keratin-bonding at the ends, and the ultrasonic waves softens this keratin bond to sew during its application. They are costly and may have a longer application time. The removal process is difficult and may even pull your original hair while taking out the joints.
  • Tape in hair extensions: This is a new technique. This requires a tape and 1.5 inch wide strands to attach the hair extension to your original hair row by row. The tapered wefts are thin and light in weight that does not damage your hair. It is a single method application process that makes its application very simple and quick. Unlike normal tape application that involves bonding of two tape weft extensions together, only one weft extension is attached to the hair and the other side is fixed with a single sided tape. This works well for thin hair.It can be used for a long time without even worrying about the hair damage. Since no chemicals or tools are needed to fix the tape in extensions, no damage is caused to your hair.

Extensions aren’t just for adding length; they are a source of enhancing your hair. They can also help people who have thin hair and are getting bald. So why wait? Try out an extension that matches your hair and solves your purpose of need.

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