Contemporary Dining Room Chairs That Can Change Your Home

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With the popularity of TV and increasing adaptability of our living rooms, dining rooms are become less apparent in media and put daily lives. Gone are the days of sitting around the table enjoying a meal, and sometimes this past-time is reserved for special occasions. After just moving into my new apartment, I spent hours looking to eye-catching and thought provoking furniture. The market is saturated with Swedish design, it is hard to find something different. That’s how I felt until I stumbled across a few of these pieces, so here are a few Contemporary Dining Room Chairs that could change your home dramatically.

AIDA Dining Chair

Sleek and slender, the AIDA Dining chair exudes a personality. Designed by Italian craftsmen, this dining room chair accents any dinner conversation. Upholstered in the finest leathers and embellished with chrome, the AIDA makes a statement. Contemporary and striking, it poses as the centerpiece of the conversation. The AIDA provides a perfect blend of modern art and superb functionality. I must also say that it is credibly comfortable to sit in.

Amelie Fabric Dining Chair

Fabric chairs are often reserved for the living room or patio decor, but the Amelie Fabric Dining Chair breaks the mold. With a petite, yet expansive design, this dining chair works to effectively support the users back. Smooth lines and soft yellow coloring places this dining chair amongst some of the sculpture in The MET. It is very apparent the designers were trying to produce a chair encapsulating contemporary sensibilities with comfort. The Amelie brightens up any room and should be another dining chair you should consider purchasing.

Cruiser Arm Chairs

Fresh out of a Matrix movie, this chair has the looks to make any Swedish interior decorator blush. Combining the smooth L-Shaped seat with harsh metal arms and legs, the Cruiser – as its name suggests, causes the viewers eyes to “cruise” across it’s sleek design. Ever desired to sit in a bent paperclip? That is the feeling you get with the Cruiser. Very rarely do dining chairs have arms, but here the designers have given it to you. Contemporary and on the cutting edge – if that’s your aesthetic, look no further than this item.

Esta Chair

Suspended between space and time, the Esta places the diner in that void. If you blink too quickly, it can look like you are floating. Nevertheless, with the softest of Italian leathers, the Esta sits at the upper echelon of contemporary design. Another important feature to note is the fact that the seat itself is not very wide, creating a lot of much needed room allowing you to seat as many people as you want around the dinner table.


By name alone, the L’eau Dining Chair provides a unique aesthetic to any home. The see-through acrylic shell creates an oceanic quality as it shimmers in the sunlight. The seat itself is rounded, cuping and effectively rendering the diner enveloped like an oyster. The acrylic design also makes it easy to clean if any accidents occur and allow it to be used for any and every kind of situation whether inside or out.

No matter which chair you choose, they are instantaneous going to excite and spark conversations. Chairs are not considered art, however, in this case given the mundane event that is eating, sitting on a masterpiece may be the injection of allure that was missing from you dinner parties.

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