Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

There are several festivals that we tend to celebrate just to follow a tradition without knowing the history that led to the merrymaking. Thanksgiving is one of them. A celebration of togetherness and gratitude,  it’s significant history has been confined amongst kids and adult to Pilgrims, turkey and pumpkin pie.

History of Thanksgiving:

There’s more to Thanksgiving besides the feast and football:

It started off with English Pilgrims, a group of settlers sailing through the ship Mayflower arrived at Massachusetts and shared a meal made out of first good harvest with their native American neighbors who helped them with the cultivation.

Contrary to its associated fame with this day, a turkey was not eaten on the first Thanksgiving. The pilgrims had deer, oysters, and lobsters as their feast.

Abraham Lincoln, on a repeated request by a religious lady, decided to declare the fourth Thursday of November as national thanksgiving day in 1863.

The tradition of watching the football game on Thanksgiving dates back to 1921 when Detroit Lions played the inaugural match on this day.

Why Scavenger Hunt:

Being a citizen of a nation and a part of the said celebratory progression, one must be well-informed with the important series leading up to a  monumental day that’s being celebrated since 1789. And what better way to learn than with fun games like a scavenger hunt.

By devising a Thanksgiving-themed party with every clue unfolding events that led to the celebration of the first harvest, one can help adults and kids by teaching them about the unheard stories and facts related to Thanksgiving. This amusing way of learning history will make everyone appreciate the efforts of the ancestors and develop a more profound sense of gratitude.





Keep Thanksgiving information for generating clues.

Thanksgiving Scavenging Hunt Clue List:


Sweet potato




Pilgrim hat



Thanksgiving card


Macy’s Bag

Oven mitts



The Hunt Begins :

You can either organize an indoor scavenger hunt or an outdoor one where kids and adults can search and collect items based on the clues.

Start by writing numbers on the paper along with the clue on the other side, which will guide to next clues and so on. Put them in folds or rolls.

You can hide the clues indoor in places like kitchen cabinets, washroom sinks, under large dining tables, in the closet, on the mirrors, walls, doors. Putting these clues in apparent places will also help as the familiar places are hardly inspected with the assumption of it being apparent.

When playing with kids, help them with reading and understanding the references to the clue. With adults, you can put some stumping hints that will make them brainstorm and drive with enthusiasm to look for next clue. The one who finishes the hunt first by guessing and collecting all the items based on the clue will be the winner.

Make your next Thanksgiving a riddling and fun-filled event and simultaneously educate people around you with the significance of it.
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