How To Find A Job On Your College Campus

If it’s possible, you want to make as much money while you’re in college as you can. Not for the same reasons that college students used to make money though. In the past, students would work through college to pay for their tuition. Students could get a part time job wiping tables at the local diner and actually make enough to pay their rent and tuition. These days, with the incredibly high price of college tuition all over the country, it would be mathematically impossible to work enough to pay your college fees while also taking a full-course load. There just aren’t enough hours in the week.

Now when college students work, it is more about making sure you can stretch those student loans as far as they can go. If you burn through your student loan money too quickly by spending it on things besides tuition, food, and rent, you may have to end up taking out more loans. If you work, you can maybe even put some of that money into a savings account and hold onto it for your eventual student loan payments after you graduate. This will take quite a bit of restraint and money management, but it is a possibility, in auto pian world.

Working during college does present a couple of dilemmas though. Where will you find the time, and where will you find the job? Whether you’re studying for one of Norwich University’s online mba degrees or going to University of North Carolina, college students have incredibly full schedules, between their huge class loads, social obligations, and extracurricular activities. It can be quite the challenge to find a company that will be willing to work with your class schedule, much less all of the other stuff. You also won’t qualify for many other jobs, since you probably don’t have much legitimate work experience. That’s why working on your college campus may be the right move for you. Here’s a guide to finding a job on your college campus.

How To Find A Job On Your College Campus

Talk to Career Services

Just because they’re called “career” services doesn’t mean they are useless when you are looking for a part time job. They should have a guide to all of the jobs available on campus, as well as the ability to guide you to the ones you fit best.

Talk to Your Teachers

Teachers are usually involved with more than just their classes on campus. There may be a variety of student jobs available in their department that they can set you up with. They may also need a teacher’s aide, a position that can sometimes be paid. Having a teacher on your side will also make you a more legitimate candidate to the jobs you are applying for.

Apply Everywhere

There are a lot of jobs available on college campuses, but there are also a lot of students. There is no shortage of competition, so you will need to put out a lot of applications in order to get hired.

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