How Aromatherapy Is Transforming Hotel Room Stay

Do you like to travel frequently as a break from the monotony of work-life?  And of course, you would be choosing to stay in a hotel. Or you may even be traveling out of town for weddings, vacations, visiting friends that might not have the requisite accommodations for you, etc. When you are out of town, and unless you have someone you can stay with, you most likely will be staying in a hotel.

How would you react if your future hotel room stays felt comfortable, more like your own home? A frequent traveler would absolutely love it. The great news is that most of the hotels have finally realized that travelers value a good lifestyle experience and they are trying to provide it to them. One way that is trending and gaining popularity is the use of aromatherapy sprays or scents in hotel rooms to promote relaxation, rest – so that the travelers become energized and hit the town.

How Aromatherapy Is Transforming Hotel Room Stay

Below are some ways that some hotels are using popular essential oils and aromatherapy spray to create an optimum guest experience.


Jasmine and lavender both are two most popular fragrances that promote peaceful and healthy sleep. Body lotions, scented candles, bedding and massage oil helps guests to relax and feel more comfortable so they can stay asleep and fell asleep.


The bath alone can be rejuvenating and relaxes the body, soul, and mind. This is definitely true after a long tiring day of out-of-the-town and sightseeing meetings and visits. Using hotel provided bath milk and bath salts helps boost your relaxation as you breathe fragrances like jasmine, rose, sage and lavender.


Sometimes all you need and want to do is to sleep late, (not as late as 3 in the morning) but sometimes you forcefully drag yourself out of the bed and finally wake up. Aromatherapy body shampoos, lotions, washes and conditioners in scents and sprays like tea tree, ginger and orange have stimulating properties that help you wake up and enjoy your day.


When you step back to your hotel room to freshen up and change your clothes for dinner or lunch, aromatherapy scents or spray in hotel room gives you little extra energy to finish the night strong. Mouthwashes flavored in mint gives a burst fresh breath and energy, and aromatherapy scented foot wipes also soothe your tired feet after a long tiring day of walking.

So, these were some great ways how aromatherapy is revolutionizing the hotel stay. Next time you plan a business trip, holiday or a weekend trip, choose a hotel that offers some of the above-mentioned aromatherapy benefits.

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