How Is The Website Listing On Google Affected?

It has already been mentioned about optimizing the Google place page and also how to get the reviews for it. But, most of the SEO Company Delhi want to know about how to improve their ranking on Google.

Once you are done with optimization, after that it comes to the things which are essential for better Google ranking.

How Is The Website Listing On Google Affected?

Business Listing

Getting high ranking in Google comes down to verify that the business is real. It is done by knowing how often the address, name,and phone number of the industryis listed or cited on the web.

It is same as how backlinks act for SEO. The more you’ll have it, the better your ranking on asearch engine will get.

The best way to get listed or cited is to submit your business to national as well as local business directories.

The professional SEO Company in Delhi like HubDigiTech offer listing the business in top directories in which you are not registered.

Consistent NAP

The way your organization NAP gets listed in the directories, on the websites contact page,and within the Google places page should be compatible as well as up to date.

The crawlers on Google website will get confused about having a different NAP listed indifferent directories.

To ensure your NAP is consistent, search for the business. If the information isn’t correct, contact and get it changed instantly.

NAP on website

It is also essential to list the name, address and phone number of business on the site. Many SEO services in Delhi say it is good to have it in header or footer of the site so that it shows on every page.

It is okay to have the address, name and phone number listed on the contact page. It is the extra plus point if you do it by using the schema markup.

Embedded map of Google

It is the right practice to have your businesses Google places listing embedded on the contact page.

In this way, Google can be sure you are situated at the address that you have listed by confirming that with your listing places.

Embedding is easy to do. Search for the name of the business in Google maps. After finding, click on the three lines besides the name of thecompany in the search bar on thetop left. After that, you may click on embed or share map.

Once it is selected, click on the option of embed map at the top of pop up box. Copy the iframe code and paste on the contact page.


You’ll need everyone to review your page. If Google sees the page with 30 or more reviews, this will show more of it, other than the one with no review at all.

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