You must have heard this from every new parent, “There is no married life after kids, it not husband and wife but mother and father.” Yes, the transformation of spouses to parents is massive, but that is the beauty of it. Every phase in life teaches new lessons, likewise becoming parents is undoubtedly an overwhelming journey, but all the lessons it teaches is what transform us in a better way. But with good comes the bad, parenthood leaves no time for husband-wife to be and enjoy their company. Between changing diapers, teaching kids there is no time left for the couple to cherish precious moments.

But like it’s said, marriage needs efforts to stay stronger. Having said that let us  discuss some ways in which a wife and husband can enjoy their life properly even after having kids:


Yes, parenting is draining and balancing work and house with it can be back-breaking, but you will have to understand that these seconds, minutes make a day and not relishing these would be a mistake. Take every day slowly and enjoy what you are doing at the moment together with your spouse, be it a simple future discussion. Be present together.


If you have been playing the blame game of “ I am doing more work, what do you even help me with?”, We suggest you stop doing it immediately because with time it can lead to mutual hatred, gradually becoming the reason for separation. You both must equally contribute to your house and life of your kids. Appreciate each other’s efforts and instead of complaining and comparing, remember the fact that marriage and parenting is a joint effort.


This might not sound feasible for the new parents but for those with kids in their teens, who are tired of the tantrums, traveling together is a perfect solution to catch a breath in your otherwise busy life. Alone time together sans the kids will be pivotal in strengthening your bond.


What keeps the marriage alive is learning new things about each other. Curiosity fuel the marital life. This is why you should take time out of your busy life to talk about general things, share each other’s interest. Share your dreams and hopes. This will also help you in planning some fun activities for husband and wife in the future.

Every minute effort counts in reinforcing the relationship. What you need to do is have a heart to heart discussion with your spouse as to what you feel could be done to have a good time in whatever you get left with after work, household activities, taking care of kids.

You can find more such useful information on marital life on various blogs made by parents who are going through the same circle of life but are trying their level best to keep the reason of what brought them together alive for longer: love.

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