With Singapore bringing value to the employees engaged in green building projects, the prominence and appeal of green construction have increased multifold, not only in Asia but around the world. An increasing number of the organization are diverting towards getting green building certification to promote a healthier environment and planet.

So what is the green building?

In simple words, those concerned about the depleting natural resources and the health of our environment, have devised this revolution in the way buildings are constructed. This is green building construction. It doesn’t just include the environmentally conscious development of the building but its operation as well. Although it would be more impactful if the building is constructed with eco-friendly practicing but implementing such sustainable practices in built structures can reduce the impact on the environment and the surrounding area.

Listed below are some of the green building construction resources and best practices:

Green building materials are environmentally responsible renewable resources that have no adverse impact on the environment. Keep the following points in your mind when shopping for green building materials:

  • The material should result in the reduction of consumption of water and promote water conservation.
  • It can be recycled, natural and resource-efficient products that promote energy efficiency.
  • It should be cost-effective and reduce energy consumption in building and facility.
  • The material should promote minimal chemical emissions, promotes healthy indoor air quality.

Green building construction practices:

  • Make use of solar, wind and hydro energy to run appliances in your home. Structural design and energy efficiency can be ensured by making use of highly efficient windows and insulation.
  • Reorienting windows, walls, porches for maximum solar gain will also help with sustainable construction.
  • Make use of easily renewable plant materials such as bamboo and recycled industrial good for construction projects. Zero or low volatile compounds are being prominently sued in green building construction.
  • Integrating daylight and electrical light sources can also be significantly helpful in creating a sustainable environment.
  • Implement such water harvesting and purification system that make the most out of the rainfall.

How green building offers comprehensive benefits?


  • Including environment-friendly practices from the very start of the construction project results in:
  • Conservation and restoration of natural resources.
  • Waste reduction
  • Enhanced air and water quality
  • Reduces the environmental impact of development
  • Reduction in release harmful gases


  • With the conservation of energy, significant money is saved.
  • It will regulate the life cycle of the building and increase its property value.
  • The reduction in energy consumption and enhanced water efficiency will also reduce the operating and maintaining cost of the structure.
  • Sustainable building construction will also promote healthier employee attendance and productivity.

If you are thinking of becoming a part of the moral revolution that aims at creating and developing a healthy environment brimming with natural resources, you should reach out to those non profit  organizations that are dedicated to bringing a green building transformation in the society through their initiatives. You will be sincerely navigated through the green building construction best practices, including green building certifications and third-party assessment program for federal building sustainability requirements.

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