How To Make Your E-commerce Business Boom Online

E-Commerce is skyrocketing at its peak now and the interesting part here is the letter “E” of E-Commerce. Having a website for your business, or maybe profession is no more just a trend. It has become a necessity required to survive the herd. Surveys have shown that search engines account for more than 90% of your website’s traffic. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes important.

How To Make Your E-commerce Business Boom Online

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a process through which the ranking of your website in Search Result Web Page (SERP) improves thereby attracting traffic and therefore increasing sales on your website. Let’s understand this term by breaking it down.

The search engines popularity largely depends on the search results it produces. Therefore, to avoid any bad user experience, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. have their own recipes (algorithm) which they use to produce search results. The crux of using this recipe or algorithm is generally to test how relevant is a website to the keywords entered during a search.

Why is SEO important?

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or a business owner, or maybe a dentist or a lawyer, the web is overflowing with websites of your kind. But this doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t own a website. Owning a website is necessary to expand your reach and thus, improve your customer base. So what do you do to stand out? The answer is SEO.

Here are some figures to emphasize the same fact. More than 70% of users never open the second page of the search results. Among these, more than 50% open one of the links in the first 5 results. These figures are enough to put up the point that your website ranking directly affects the traffic on your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you to push your website up the ranking ladder of any search engines. This should be kept in mind that the algorithms, search engines use, are secret and are updated regularly just to make sure that no trashy websites spam their users.

How is SEO done?

Search Engines are particularly possessive about the algorithms they use to filter the search results. Experts in the field keep a close watch on how the search results are being filtered and design new practices Which helps in improving any website’s ranking. Here are a few ways in which SEO is done.

Relevant Content

There is no shortcut to improving your website’s ranking; just healthy practices. Now providing a relevant content is the only thing that has remained constant since the beginning and it is important. Quality content is a must for everyone. So make sure your website’s content is relevant and is updated daily.


Interlinks are, basically, links to other web pages provided on a web page in the same domain. Ensure that these are stuffed only where relevant. Even overdoing it might make the search engine label your website as irrelevant.

Backlinks/ Guest Blogging

Backlinks are the links to your website provided on a different website. Generally, search engines give weightage to backlinks. It may appear that this is not in your control, but guest blogging is one of the healthy practices trending these days. Become a guest blogger and try writing blogs for some already popular websites. Use these blogs to provide links to your website where relevant. This will affect your website’s ranking to a great extent.


This point goes without saying. Use of keywords relevant to the topic or services you provide is quite obvious and necessary. Search Engines look for keywords and rank websites accordingly.

These are just a few ways, among many, in which SEO is done. Your website is the key to widen your reach and increase the number of leads and hence, improving your customer base.

SEO experts work on improving your websites ranking and if necessary, local SEO. For example, if you are a dentist in Houston, your potential customer base is also in same place. Local SEO will make sure to improve your local website ranking. There are companies, staffed with experts, which provide SEO services. Now that  you have a better understanding of the importance of SEO, what are you waiting for? Get SEO Experts to supervise your website/ blog, now!

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