John Eilermann Suggests Ways Of Building A Stronger Community In Christian Beliefs

How would you like to have a few keys to the Kingdom of God to help with your religious growth? Four things are obligatory for growing stronger in one’s beliefs. If people apply to these truths on an everyday basis, people will become deeply established and rooted in one’s relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

If people take some time on a daily basis to read the Bible, spend time in entreaty, camaraderie with other believers and worship, people will connect with God in such a way that when troubles occur, individuals will not be moved. It is because the word of God is active and living. Many Christian teachers say that one’s minds are renewed by reading the Bible on an everyday basis.

According to John Eilermann, walking in the Christian faith is actually just the process of becoming more like Jesus. As we read our Bibles and fellowship with others, we learn more about the nature of God. One of the things Jesus did over and over again is prayed. Being a Christian is a procedure of becoming more Christ-like. As a result, prayer is a key element which must be included in one’s daily walk with God. Throughout the New Testament people see scriptures that relate to prayer. One talks about praying without ceasing. There are allusions to followers of God grappling in prayer for one another.

Communing with God is so significant for getting stronger in one’s faith. If everyone makes a commitment to pray more and read the Bible more, then certainly spiritual growth will follow. The Christian faith is all about having a personal and close relationship with the Lord. The only way to have a close bond with anyone is by spending time with them. Reading the Bible and communicating to God through prayer are two of the major ways that people can get to know him better and grow stronger in one’s Christian faith.

John Eilermann Suggests Ways Of Building A Stronger Community In Christian Beliefs

Other Characteristics of the community building process:

These factors as per John Eilermann make up the process by which individuals attempt to build community, such as communications, representation, and technical assistance.

  • Good system of communication
  • Widespread participation
  • Minimal competition in pursuit of goals
  • Benefits to many residents
  • Develop self-understanding
  • Linkage to organizations outside the community
  • Focus on product and process concurrently
  • Systematic gathering of information and analysis of community issues
  • Progression from simple to complex activities
  • Early involvement and support from existing, indigenous organizations
  • Training to gain community building skills
  • Continual emergence of leaders, as needed
  • Use of technical assistance
  • The right mix of resources
  • Community control over decision making

Characteristics of community building leaders

  • Sincerity of commitment
  • Understanding the community
  • A Relationship of trust
  • Able to be flexible and adaptable
  • Level of organizing experience

These factors are the qualities of those individuals who lead and organize a community building effort, such as trust, commitment, understanding, and know-how.

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