Just A Day Out In Jaisalmer With Royal Taxi Cabs

Well if you’re thinking of going on a round trip around Rajasthan, you’d probably be thinking of watching the city of Jaisalmer. Yes yes, I know. Most of you relate to Jaisalmer by the scene of Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie in which Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan spend time watching the beautiful sunset. (Whisper: Haven’t watched the movie? You really must *wink*) So yeah, Jaisalmer is a city that’s much famous for its serene beauty and beautiful palaces. A lot of movies are shot here owing to its beautiful palaces and yeah, if you’re thinking of getting some of your best clicks, Jaisalmer it must be. With the Jaisalmer tour package offered by the Royal Taxi cabs, you’ll be able to experience the serene beauty of this city to the fullest extent. You can also book the Taxi in Jaipur what’ll also let you have a sneak peek at places on the way!

Just A Day Out In Jaisalmer With Royal Taxi Cabs

Here’s a small list of “Must-Do”s in Jaisalmer. Read them on and make sure you don’t miss them at any cost!

1) The Beautiful Jaisalmer Thar Desert & Fort

Yes! This city has got the most amazing desert and fort in India and you’ll totally fall in love with them. These desert and forts have all got Camel safari facility and you can dance along with the dance of the musical lights. The natural lush beautiful environment around the forts and desert will surely bring you a step closer to the Mother Nature. With Jaisalmer tour package offered by the royal taxi cabs, you’ll get to visit most of these beautiful Thar desert!

2) The Jaisalmer Sunset

The Jaisalmer sunset is the best! If you’re a nature loving person, you’ll get lost in those rays of light that’ll slowly sink into the horizon. The saffron color of the sun setting is a great visual treat for you. Are you a photo freak? Or a selfie freak? Click some of your best pictures here.

3) The Jaisalmer Sightseeing Package

The Jaisalmer tour package includes the Jaisalmer sightseeing package which includes plenty of places in this Royal city of Rajasthan. You can have a look at all of them and experience the beauty of this city.

4) The Jaisalmer Palaces

Needless to say that the Jaisalmer palaces are an all time favorites to many people and if you’re a person who loves to explore the natural serene beauty of the old palaces of India, Jaisalmer palaces are best suited for you. You can also click amazing pictures and carry home a delightful experience. Be ready to feel royal with these royal palaces!

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