Know More Of Cissus Supplements

Millions of the people intake supplements for better body growth, stamina, power, strength and vigor. Supplements known to enhance body performance by providing essential nutrients, protein, amino acid, vitamins, and minerals etc. Naturally these are found in diet chart of most of the bodybuilders and athletes. It certainly boosts the body and fuel you with extra energy. Cissus is one of them.

Know More Of Cissus Supplements

Know Cissus first : Cissues Supplements or “Bonesetter” is one of the bodybuilding supplements which increases your body performance naturally and better way. In plant biology Cissues belongs to the botanic family Vitaceae and mostly found in countries like Africa, Asia. It is widely originated in many parts of India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka as well. Lately it was propagated south part of US and Brazil. Cissus is awesome for body building which also supports in maintaining the joint and bone health of the body. It has properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-bacterial. No doubt it plays important role in bone growth promotion while taking as supplement.

Clinical Results : Studies say Cissues Quadrangular is or CQ often noticed to reduce risks related to cardiovascular circumstances by producing phytonutrients. Also it has a large number of keto steroids which is often know as antioxidant. It reduces heart disease risks, shields body cell from all oxidant damage, increases the body sleeping time, rises production of insulin and so many. It has amazing ability of increasing levels of cholesterol. Bone recovery and bone formation results are also there. Overall the clinical results show the effectiveness of CQ in larger way. But being a bodybuilder or athletes it’s your foremost duty to take any supplement after consulting with your authorized physician.

Use and benefits : Generally the recommended amount of CQ is in between 500 to 1000mg daily under the authorized physician. You can take CQ with Green tea, coffee, meal etc. No one is allowed to take without consultation. It is best to keep away from pregnant mother and children under 18. Useful in malaria, Ulcer, diabetes, bone fracture, stomach ulcer, pain, bodybuilding etc. CQ heals the broken bones by 40 percent and promotes bone structure faster than normal.

Some more fact : It has been notices in research that even after doing regular exercises, proper hydration and caloric restriction overweight people failed to lose weight. Digestive system damages affect in the level of healthy bacteria in gut. Whereas Cissues Quadrangular is maintain the balance of toxic lipopolysaccharides (LPSs). Weight control results better with CQ with efficient digestive system.

CQ is beneficial when taking the proper dose. It has known to recover serious injuries like joint separation, bone healing and body building. After all CQ comes with complete package when it comes to body building. Athletes and sports persons will happily agree with the fact that Cissus is awesome for bodybuilding, there is no second thought. However, every person is different from the other and so the effects. Naturally every single body may response differently. So, as mentioned before, it is always advisable to take proper consultation of the physician before taking CQ.


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