Look At The Fantastic Alien Evidences

Finally, a bitter pill for mankind foreign forces “sweetened” incomprehensible information on the X-ray background radiation (The X-ray background phenomenon), both at the same time and it turned out continuously incoming from all over the sky. We just do not know everything. We were given partial information, which caused incomplete legitimate errors.

Returning to the subject, we are changing the version according to which “Skylab” was captured initially hostile alien invasion on earth pilots. Apparently, the US government counted on the secret long-term cooperation in orbit. What happened a few months before the information from the orbit of the station?

Look At The Fantastic Alien Evidences

“Skylab” was too grave for trusting alien life? Or the joint efforts of the opposing sides still managed to stop the unwanted version of the militarization of space? So was third (cm. Publication 1903) Player? Luna got the third player?

Earlier in respect of unidentified flying objects was the question, “To believe or not to believe?”, Now would be correct, “When?”. And not even in the sense that he saw. Means – when held full contact. Sooner or later, a stream of reports of observations of different kinds of plates, dots, triangles and pulsing balls must rise to another level. And (the aliens are not joking?), It is possible that “zap NTA chat” with the children of other worlds, it is our countrymen. “Bridges inducing” we know how, and anomalous phenomena in recent times to the residents of the Donetsk region and stick. Today on the list we have focused stories inhabitants of the area of the capital for meetings with the inexplicable.

Nikolai Gerashchenko – a man quite dangerous, engineer electrical supply. But what happened on September 23 near the village Lysenko (Poltava region, Obelisks district), dramatically turned his vision of the world order.

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