Office Space Transformation: How Nature Boosts Productivity

Working in an environment which is healthy and compliments the work culture is an absolute necessity for the success of any business. If the employees feel uncomfortable while working in an environment, they may not be able to give their 100% dedication to the work.

Let us consider the life in a  prison. It is unlike your office environment, and similarities are close to none. Prisons are totally deprived of the natural elements like sunlight, plants, and trees. The furniture is usually slick and is made from a material like steel and concrete.

Office Space Transformation: How Nature Boosts Productivity

Everything seems to be noisy, and also the high-intensity fluorescent lights with a monochromatic color scheme. No matter how dull all of this sounds but the setup of a prison is implemented by keeping in mind that it should not engage the creative sense or foster cooperation. Now imagine if the same work culture persists in an industry which deals in Information Technology. Such environment can make the employees feel that they are chained to their desks.

It is extremely crucial to bring the outdoor environment features into your space inside the office. In a survey, it was found that employees who have been working in environments that offer an exposure to the outside natural elements like sunlight and a balcony where they can get some fresh air, are 13% more likely of keeping a good level of well-being and perform with 8% more productivity in comparison to the other overall.  These results were based on the report which was prepared after the study of around three thousand and six hundred employees across eight countries.

This vital information gives us a clear understanding that one cannot achieve optimum productivity only by using the best technology, hiring the top talent in the market and giving huge incentives for performance. These factors are surely the road to improved results. There is room for improvement, and the following factors must be considered while designing the office space.

Color:  Avoid using one single dimensional color schemes as they are bland and fail to cultivate inspiration. In an important Research, it was found that blue, particularly the color light blue possesses the ability to calm the mind and helps in concentration.

Texture: The furniture fabric like the upholstery and carpet are known to reduce the noise by absorbing it, which also helps in making the free form harmful bacteria.

Furniture: Wood is the best form of nature when thinking of bringing in the natural elements. Dark wood furniture and maple wood flooring are an easy way to change the appearance of interior office space.

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