PoP Culture Warned Us About Donald Trump Book Review

Aftre reading the book Man of the World: The Further Endeavors of Bill Clinton I wrote one more book review. Please take to account that when I wrote it I didn’t know that Donald Trump will become President.

Pop Culture warned us about Donald Trump is laughably scary and should be a compulsory read for all human beings – especially American citizens. Donald Trump is readily depicted as a joke, a funny character; up until now.

Pop Culture Warned us about Donald Trump will leave you reeling with the seriousness of the future of America and makes you wonder how none of us saw this coming. An extremely eye opening read, written with humour and intelligence. I particularly enjoyed the reference to Freddy Krueger although the image of those blonde locks and terrible tan haunted me enough without the appearance of long, knife like fingers. The writer pulls you in and relates every Pop culture reference included back to reality perfectly and although not a political expert myself, I understood and was able to keep up with every page.

PoP Culture Warned Us About Donald Trump Book Review

The book made me so interested in the campaign that I found myself researching each reference online after finishing the last page. I feel that this is a great spin on the seriousness of the situation and the way that it is written and explained makes it able to appeal to those who may not feel they understand the predicament America is currently in. This book is relevant, fascinating and a pleasure to read. I enjoyed the writing style and it’s incredible how many shocking absurdities the author has been able to list from the mind of Trump. Quotes from Trump such as ” I can’t believe we left Iraq without the oil” will leave you unable to establish what is fact and what comes straight out of a comic book. After reading this book you are going to want to show your friends and your family. Do so immediately and watch their faces as their expressions turn from humoured to entertained to frustrated and then inevitably to horrified as they see the similarities that crop up between the pop culture references of Yesterday and the petrifying Trump actions, opinions and quotes of today and quite possibly, of the future.

Although the book highlights such as serious matter, I enjoyed the pop culture aspects and found the read more relatable and enjoyable. I began to rack my brain for other such scarily accurate pop culture references and came up with a few myself. Since reading this ebook I have forwarded it on to unsuspecting friends and family members who have replied in shock and amusement. The book is not too long and ( dependant on your reading speed ) can be read in half an hour. I truly recommend reading this book and enjoying the unique spin on the election and campaign that this author has found. You will not find another piece like this and I am fascinated that I have not read this sooner.

This book should be compulsory to all and will reveal even more of the horrifying truth behind Donald Trump and how Pop culture really DID try to warn us. An entertaining ebook that I will recommend to many others.

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