Reasons To Consider the Compact Kubota BX2680 As Your Next Tractor

The Kubota BX80 series is known for its legendary quality and reliability. The compact BX2680 is an excellent improvement from all its predecessors to provide unmatched service and ease of use to lawn and garden owners across the world. If you are looking for quality equipment for a variety of jobs including snow blowing, sweeping, carrying grass and mowing, the BX2680 is your perfect choice. Here are the reasons why.

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A Reputation for Quality Engineering

Over the years, Kubota has created a reputation for reliability, longevity, and good quality. You can rest assured that everything that comes from their manufacturing plant has been thoroughly tested to deliver value for your money. The BX2680 leads the pack and has the latest engineering solutions to exceed your expectations.

Enhanced Comfort

BX2680 offers enhanced comfort to reduce fatigue as you go on your activities. It comes with a flat operating station, a deluxe seat with armrest, and tilt steering that lets you operate it in a comfortable seating position. In addition, the levers have been ergonomically placed. You will also find a modern instrument panel for a hustle-free operation. You can run with the tractor for hours on end without suffering lower leg or back pain. Furthermore, if this is the first time you are operating such a piece of equipment, you will be amazed by the simplicity of the controls and its interactive user panel. You will definitely be a pro operator in no time and without lengthy training.

Quality Swift-Tach Loader

Some of the reasons why you would want to remove your front-end loader when mowing are that it reduces tuft damage and ground compaction when working on your yard. Removing the loader also reduces the turning radius especially when you are working on confined spaces either small sized lawns or lawn with lots of structures and trees on the way. In fact, working without the front loader makes your work faster and easier. The BX2680 eases the removal of the front loader by enabling you to detach it in a record sixty seconds. Its LA344 Swift-Tach loader ensures that you do not need to leave the operator’s station when detaching the loader.

Attach All Essential Implements With Ease

The mark of quality in a tractor is the ability to undertake different activities with ease. This machine boasts of a four-point front hitch which enables you to attach implements like brooms, blades, and snow blowers with ease.

Enhanced Power

The BX2680 engine comes with a liquid cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine allowing it to produce 25.5 horsepower. This is enough power to carry out any difficult job or carry any loads that you would want to ferry across your garden or yard. It also works well in uneven landscape thanks to its four-wheel drive capabilities.

Compact Size

The standard garage door openings are about 7-foot. This mini-tractor fits these door openings and takes such little space in your garage that you don’t have to remove everything else to create enough space for its storage.

If you are looking for a handy machine that is engineered to last with unlimited capabilities around your home, the Kubota BX2680 is your choice equipment. It combines power, versatility, and performance to give you value for your money. It also makes some of the most boring and tiresome jobs around home fun and easy to undertake.

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