Shedding Some Light On Breast Lift Results and Recovery

Breast Reduction or Breast Lift surgery has been prevalent since decades and is regarded as a healthy practice among women of various age groups. While these surgeries improve your personality and self-image, it’s not just about them. Breast reduction or Breast lifts are also done to get relief from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain.

The process of aging is not so pleasant phenomenon. It affects how you look and sometimes, more adverse than just that. Breast Reduction and Lift surgeries can return the confidence of your younger self and relieve you from long-persisting pain and other problems like skin irritation under breasts.

Shedding Some Light On Breast Lift Results and Recovery

Why get these surgeries done?

Pregnancy/lactation or weight loss in women lead to saggy or drooping breasts. This doesn’t stop here. There is a poor self image related to larger breasts and they can also create various medical issues like shoulder indentation, chronic neck and back pain in women.

Breast reduction and Breast lift surgeries help breasts to get their original shape and firmness and also relieve you from medical issues related to saggy and drooping breasts. Traditional forms of breast lift and reduction surgeries are feared and can have effects like asymmetrical breasts post surgery, infection, etc. whereas improved methods of surgeries have been developed by skilled surgeons, providing better results with lesser side effects.

Myths prevailing about Breast Reduction and Breast Lift Surgeries

They are just cosmetic surgeries.

While Breast Reduction and Lift Surgeries are done to restore the original shape and firmness of breasts, these are not just cosmetic surgeries. As already mentioned, saggy and drooping breasts can cause adverse medical problems such as chronic back or neck pain, shoulder indentations from bra strap grooves, etc. Prolonged and persisting pain can make your life hell.

These surgeries affect your ability to breastfeed.

This is most common myth regarding these surgeries. The ability to breastfeed in women remains unchanged after the surgery. This result might vary in different individuals. Surveys have shown that a small percentage of women (around 8-10%) have observed a reduction in their breastfeeding ability. There are some special cases in which women have lost their ability to breastfeed such as when the nipple is grafted in the surgery, but this percentage is quite small.

It is important to have all children before you get these surgeries.

While this is regarded as a good practice, it is not mandatory! Generally, enlargement in breasts is observed during and after pregnancy and if it happens after the surgery, it might affect the size and shape of your breast. This is the reason behind this practice but as already mentioned, breast reduction and lift are not just cosmetic surgeries, it is completely healthy to get it done beforehand.

These are just a few among many myths about these surgeries. Awareness plays quite an important factor when any of the important surgeries are concerned. Proper research, Improved techniques of Breast Reduction, and Lift surgery have been invented such as The Bellesoma Method that have reduced the chances of side-effects to a greater extent.

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