Simple And Effective Ideas To Control Erosion And Sedimentation Problems

Soil erosion and sedimentation caused by landscape development or construction projects can impact the environment, damage recreational and aquatic resources as well as affect aesthetic qualities. It is more than just a little disruption, it can reduce crop yields, damage water, and crops quality, increase production costs and even result in driving up safety hazards for both animals and human beings. In simple words, soil erosion and sedimentation ultimately affect everyone’s lives.

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So, what can you actually do to prevent erosion and sediment problems? Well, the right solutions can be both easy and difficult, depending on safety measures and sediment and erosion control products you choose to practice for your construction project. The below-outlined tips for controlling erosion and sediment problems are the key success on your prevention plan.

Objectives of erosion and sediment control are to:

  • Reroute the uncontaminated water away from the construction site area
  • Reduce  the chances of soil erosion by minimizing work areas distributive and stabilizing disturbed site surfaces
  • Stop construction materials from  being collected and discharge sediment

Implementing the below-mentioned safety measures will definitely reduce sediment and erosion problems on your project. Follow these ideas to get started.


With the start of your construction project, try to control your project’s limits by working only on the specific areas in the construction site. Minimizing the disturbed areas, by controlling the areas to be worked is a helpful step and can reduce the erosion and sediment control problem to a great extent. It’s better to keep the natural vegetation and avoid disturbing the areas that have topsoil in place.


You can control soil erosion and sedimentation problems by dividing the construction project into two phases. Dividing your construction project into phases you can minimize the chances of erosion and sedimentation problems and centralized the area easier to control and stabilize.


An important step to solving soil erosion control and sediment impact is to have a secure storm inlet protection plan in place. Storm inlets are generally protected inside a construction project, but not so often on nearby and adjacent drain inlets. To provide protection against sediment and erosion control in a storm inlet use rock-filed bags, or block, silt fence and gravel. This reduces the velocity of stormwater both on and far away from the construction area.


Inspecting your construction site time to time is key when looking for ways to control sediment and erosion problems. It’s important to follow closely and check the area after a small rainfall or storm event. By conducting regular inspection you will be able to handle your project in a more appropriate way.

The above mentioned effective ideas will definitely have a positive effect when you want to control erosion and sediment problems on your next construction project.

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