Sleep Tight! A Look At New Technologies In Home Security Systems.

Part of being an adult means having to make important decisions. One of the most important decisions you will make as an adult is how to protect your family. You can choose the perfect house, in the safest neighborhood with the lowest crime rate and still be victimized. Criminals don’t care where you live, and sometimes even actively seek out those who think they’re safe. In fact, 73% of robbers say they would still burglarize a home, even if it had an alarm, although, around 60% of those burglaries on homes with alarms are unsuccessful. Even when shown this information, some are hesitant to invest in a home security system. They can get pricey, but let’s take a look at some pros surrounding being a home security system owner.

Pros of owning a Home security system:

Other than the obvious and comforting peace-of-mind one will have once they know their home is secured, there are plenty of other ‘pros’ to being a home security system owner, such as:

  • Having a system and visible evidence of it can, in itself, act as a deterrent to criminals. If 73% of thieves would still rob a house with an alarm, you can rest assured you’re still scaring away at least 27% of them.
  • Systems which use camera technologies can usually be reviewed and used to pursue criminal cases.
  • If an intruder does take the chance to break into your home when it is secured, police will be immediately dispatched and a loud alarm will sound, scaring away the intruder and making you (and your neighbors) aware.
  • Many modern home security systems will operate even when the power is out. This is especially useful as criminals abound during power outages.
  • When you move to a new home, most home security systems are fairly simple and easy to take along with you and set up at your new house, keeping you comfortably secured, no matter where you live.
  • There are even quite a few advanced security systems which will send notifications and alerts directly to your mobile phone.

Picking the right Home security system:

It’s obvious we all want to keep our families safe. The only issue arises when we attempt to navigate the astounding amount of home security systems available. Which one is more effective? Which one is the best price? How does one operate compared to its competitor? All these questions and more have been asked the world over by concerned homeowners. They’re valid queries and there are quite a few comprehensive products available on the market today.

New Tech! 

The conscientious homeowner will find products with features ranging from doorbell cameras to video monitoring. The advanced technologies of today’s world have allowed for some incredible advancements in the field of home security systems. Many are seamlessly integrated across online apps, websites, and software programs. The ease with which one can set up and manage their home security systems is a tremendous leap from even ten or twenty years ago. Many features, such as ones offered by, are optimized to be user-friendly and really stretch the limits of what we previously thought possible (or necessary) for home security systems. You can even control your thermostat with’s integrative technology! Say ‘Good-bye!’ to coming home to an arctic freeze in your living room. Now, you can turn up the heat before you get there!

Your families’ safety is priceless, of course. They’re the most important people in your life and the ability to keep them as safe as possible far outweighs any monetary obligations. In short- it’s worth it. Investing in a home security system is one of the most effective ways of keeping your home, your family, and everything you hold dear, as safe as possible. Technology has come further in the past few years than any other time in our history. With fully integrative platforms, the industrial science behind home security systems is an ever-evolving process. You’ll sleep easier and worry less, knowing your home and your loved ones are safe and secure. The peace-of-mind, alone, is worth the investment. The advantages are endless, however, and the technology just keeps getting better, so don’t wait to secure your home! Pick up your own home security system… before it’s too late!


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