Stan Cottrell: Thoughts Associated With The Ethiopian Orphans

Stan Cottrell did a lot of work for the well-being of the poor people. Throughout his life, he kept doing things that can spread happiness in others’ lives, especially the deprived one. During his visit to Ethiopia, he fed at least six thousand starving people facing extreme poor situations.

Cottrell explained that he witnessed thousand of extremely poor individuals. He said that he talked with several people in the last few days including the President of Ethiopia about the poor people of Ethiopia. Stan said that if there wouldn’t be any poor in the world in the upcoming 18 years or less, they can improve the situations and provide a better life to the existing poor population.

In Ethiopia, Stan ran into the stadium which is in the middle of downtown Awassa and do conversation with around thirty-five thousand people. These people were looking for real hope and help. He saw a great spirit among the Ethiopians, who were excited to meet him.

Stan said that his motive is to provide home, eatables, medical care, and education to the poor population of Ethiopia. By the help of outstanding Ethiopian initiatives and with the blessing of the Ethiopian president, it got possible to provide poor with all required facilities. Different things like nutritious food, understanding of the survival, remarkable agricultural advances were provided to the poor people of Ethiopia. The thought behind Stan’s Ethiopian visit was to avoid the human trafficking traps, minimizing the crime and removing the sex slavery. He explained that he wants to make the poor population of Ethiopia strong and powerful.

Stan Cottrell has been declared as the world reputed icon got several tags. He is a great motivator, goodwill ambassador and an unforgettable ultra distance runner. Stan has the dynamic personality and he motivates, encourages and inspires individuals of all age groups by his phenomenal life stories. He wrote two books and did nine movies. His Friendship Runs and the trip around thirty-eight different countries proves him a real man. Because of the tremendous deeds, Stan Cottrell builds relationships with known and unknown people, associated with the different parts of the world and from the humble villages.

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