The Top Qualities Of A Versatile Lawyer

A versatile lawyer should feel comfortable working on many different facets of a case that involves you or your family. You could hire an oil and gas injury lawyer to help you with a work-related accident, and you could ask this attorney to handle other parts of the case that might include disability claims, financial planning, and the management of any judgment that you receive. Go through each step on this list to pick a lawyer that can do everything you need.


1. They Are Comfortable Going To Court

The lawyer you hire should be comfortable going to court on your behalf. You might find some of these lawyers only want to settle cases because they have no desire to go to court. You should ask your lawyer to explain how much they are willing to do to get you the resolution that you deserve. This does not mean that you should force your lawyer to go to court, but you should ask them if they can take the case to court when/if needed.

2. They Do The Investigation

The oil and gas injury lawyer you hire has to be willing to do a full investigation of the case. The case that you have in front of you could be missing important details that the lawyer needs if they plan to file a lawsuit on your behalf. You should allow your lawyer to do a full investigation before you start thinking of how much money you would ask for in a lawsuit. There is an industry formula that is used to come up with a number you will ask for, and your lawyer must have evidence that they could present in a settlement hearing.


You could settle your case out of court so that you are not going to court and laying your whole life bare for the court to see. The other side could dig up things from your past that you do not want to have shared in court, and you might want to settle to get the case over with. Also, you might not be in mental or physical shape to go to trial. There are many people who simply cannot stand to be in court for long periods of time, and you do not want to subject your family to the stress of a trial if they do not need it.

4.Disability Claims

You must ask your lawyer if they can help you with a disability claim because you were injured so badly in the accident. You should see if they can show you how to get your disability claim through the system, and you need to have them by your side because you must have a lawyer with you when you defend your disability claim. Someone who has been filing disability claims might not make any progress because they do not have an attorney present when they appear.

5. The Case Might Take Some Time

The best lawyer will not lie to you about how long it might take to resolve your case. Your lawyer wants to close the case as soon as they can because they know that that is in everyone’s best interests. However, your attorney cannot guarantee anything. They will need time to see what they can get for your claim, and they need just as much time for your disability claim. You might even need to sue multiple people as part of the case, and only a truly versatile lawyer is prepared to fight more than one case at the same time. You might need to file a claim against a defendant, a hospital, and an insurance company. Because of this, you need a lawyer who will commit to the whole case instead of just the part that makes the most money.


The lawyer that you have hired should be prepared to give you all the service that you require after you were hurt through no fault of your own. They should help you with the disability claims you have filed, and you must ask them for help with management of the settlement or judgment you receive. Your lawyer should be a full partner in your case.

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