Suit Up For The Occasion

Every man should have a quality suit or two stowed away in his closet. Although they’re pricey, a suit is a worthwhile investment, bringing style, class, and elegance to any occasion. To ensure you get your money’s worth, it’s important to purchase from a quality retailer.

Suit Up For The Occasion

When buying a suit, fabric quality, durability, and style are key. Purchase a suit whose material can breathe – there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re sweating through three layers! For example, in warmer climates, choose a suit made out of 100% cotton or a cotton blend (often mixed with Lyrca or spandex to provide stretch), such as Charles Tyrwhitt’s Stone Wilton Silk Linen Classic Fit Summer Suit Jacket and matching pants. Choose a lighter color suit and pair with a cotton button down to ensure breathability.

For colder climates or winter months, look for wool suits, guaranteed to keep you warm and insulated. The holidays are also a great time to explore patterned suits, such as Charles Tyrwhitt’s Green and Black Tartan Slim Fit Suit, paired nicely with a white button down and a deep red tie to match all of your festivities. Tweed suits are also a fantastic addition to your winter suit wardrobe; they’re sophisticated, warm, and easy to match with a variety of button down shirts and ties.

If you’re only in the market for one suit, a classic fit business suit in navy blue, dark grey, or black are essential for interviews, weddings, or business trips. The neutral colors make it easy to match and are professional. If you’re feeling ambitious and are ready to up your suit game, consider purchasing a tuxedo so you are always prepared for any black-tie affairs that arise.

Most importantly, tailor your suit so it fits your body perfectly. Fit is just as important as the quality and durability. Besides, after you spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect make and style, you might as well guarantee it conforms to your body!

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