Hotel linen is very important for hotels, it can make or break a hotels rating amongst customers. Customers typically judge a hotel by its locale to local hot spots, pricing, and its bedding and bathroom essentials. So choosing the right hotel linen supplier is important to the lifeline of a hotel.


There are many hotel linen suppliers for hotels to choose from, so how should one decide? What makes one hotel linen supplier better than other hotel linen suppliers? A few tips that may help in the decision are listed below:

  • Linen Selection – Hotels should choose a supplier that has an organic cotton base linen as an option. Organic cotton is more durable and can be recycled several times. It is a money saver and better for the planet when it comes to our carbon footprint. In addition, customers prefer an organic cotton base linen over a blend or other type of material.
  • Insecticides and Pesticides – Hotels should avoid suppliers that use cotton grown in these conditions. Exposure to these chemicals could harshly affect the cotton and may be harmful to their customers. With so many individuals experiencing allergies, you do not want to have linen that may trigger or enhance a customers allergies.
  • Woven vs. Knitted – Hotels should move more towards selecting towels that are manufactured using knitting as a form to produce towels. Suppliers that use the knitting process allows the texture of the towels and linens to be softer and breathable versus the woven process. Besides customers love soft items against their skin, who wants to sleep under or use a scratchy or harsh linen or towel.
  • Bleaching Process by Manufacturer – Hotels should choose a supplier that uses ozone bleaching during manufacturing process. This process will ensure that the material (linens or towels) will have that true white color without using toxic chemicals to get it. The non-toxic ozone process is safe for the customers and safe for the environment.

Once a hotel has selected a great hotel linen supplier, they must also focus on how to properly care for their purchases. Purchasing the best linen and towels is one thing, taking care to make sure that purchase last and is sanitized properly is another. Here are a few tips that are great for the care of hotel linens and towels:

  • Proper Washing – Hotels should wash their linens in a low temperature. A low temperature will save money and ensure stain removal. In addition, a lower temperature will ensure the life cycle of the linens and towels.
  • Informative Staff – Hotels should inform the staff of how to care for linens and towels to avoid having to rewash because it was not done properly the first time. Thus saving money on water and other utilities.
  • Savings – Hotels will save money by utilizing proper care of their linen and towels, therefore freeing up money that could be used to make improvements elsewhere.

If you are involved in Hotel Management and would be or are incharge of handling your hotel’s linen, these tips can help ensure savings and customer satisfaction. Choosing the right hotel linen supplier from the myriad of suppliers will save time, money, and frustration. So make sure to take your time and research the many hotel linen suppliers out there and make your selection wisely.

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