Top Battery Powered Security Camera With Buying Tips

With the advancement of technology, life is getting easier. There were times when people used to bear a lot of stress for the safety and security of their homes, office, assets, valuables and family. But, CCTV cameras eradicated this problem. Now, the 100% wireless security cameras provide customized home security assistance. Still, there are a few things which you need to consider before you head to the store (if you are not techno freak). Understanding latest technology is not so difficult, but if you are not much aware of the product, better take an expert advice. What if you get this sitting at your home? Yes, we have gathered some advice from (best in the industry) expert who will guide you through the right products with buying tips. So, here we go.

Top Battery Powered Security Camera With Buying Tips

People wants to have wireless security systems that too with 100% wireless device. So, you have one and only one option that is getting a battery-powered Wi-Fi  camera and with a little but most important tips suggested will help you get the right one device for your home or business.

So, the first thing you need to keep in mind while selecting the device is;

How to select the right Wi-Fi security device: At first, it’s a bit confusing, in case you are from this field, but, there nothing to go panic –stick with points given suggestion here and you will get the best idea to select the right device.

Free App: There are security brands which provide a third-party app, which may be chargeable. But, the brands like offers free smartphone, tab, Mac and PC app which can be downloaded for of cost.

In case, you buy the third party, there will be a compatibility issue, but if you have app provided by the same operator will work perfectly.

User-Friendly App: Make sure that the battery-powered Wi-Fi camera smartphone app is user-friendly. To ensure these, focus on these points given below;

  • Does the app include customized settings?
  • Are the features in the app easy to use?
  • How many languages are supported?

Battery Backup: If you want to install battery operated security system, inquire into the battery life whether you get exact battery backup claimed by the operator.

When you use operator’s app on your smartphone, it does affect the actual battery life.

So, here are some of the suggested 100% wire free full HD security cameras which are app supported.

Reolink Argus 2MP Wire-Free Security Camera

Reolink presents world’s first wire-free battery powered 1080p smart security camera which is waterproof and able to sustain any weather. Let’s have a look at its features;

100% Wire-Free: There are times when it used to take a day even more than that to install the wired security camera at home or business while today it takes hardly an hour or minutes to install the security system at home, thanks to the wireless security device.

Long Battery Life up to 180 Days: The security devices are equipped with advanced power-saving technology which keeps your device charged up to 180 days.

Ease of Installation: Whether you want to place the camera in your baby’s room, pet’s room or on windows, table and just anywhere you want, the device offers hassle-free installation at your desired location that without wasting your single minute of time.

Motion Sensor: The device comes-enabled with PIR motion sensors which is highly sensitive and can detect human movements and sends a real-time notification.

Aspart from that, the device provides many other useful features including;

  • Smart Alert, notifications, emails and sound alerts
  • Clear and crisp video and image powered by 1080p quality
  • 33ft night vision features
  • Remote access with supported app
  • 130° view to cover a wider field
  • Low battery notification
  • Automatic recording when any inhuman motion detected

Similarly, there are plenty of such devices are available from the operator which are user-friendly and you will get the reliable protection of your home or valuables.

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