Top Features That Make Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart A Great Choice

Zap down the streets and have fun with speed in this Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart. Having your own Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart is the dream of every child and young adults and the best part is that anyone can have fun with it. If you are a go karting fan and it get that you an adrenaline rush then this high powered go kart is your license to thrill. Available in a wide spectrum of specifications, the Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart is a winner when it comes to participating in go karting races.

Get the Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart and start your own go karting league. Participate in the local go karting races and have fun with this trophy winning go kart. Some of its main features that can help you decide whether to go for it or not are as follows:

Top Features That Make Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart A Great Choice
Top speed is better than the rest:The Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart is not your regular go kart. Consider it as an uplifted version of the regular go kart one would ride at the amusement park. It is a power packed go kart with two seats that can go up to a whopping speed of 45 mph. What makes it more powerful is that while a regular or much smaller sized go kart may take you up with an average speed of 25 to 30 mph. The Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart offers a higher speed. It is amusing that go karts for professional races can even go up to a staggering 100 mph as well.

Engine and Ignition:The Top features of the Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart is the engine displacement in high cc which can be either 200 to 250cc. It has a 4 stroke water cooled, 1 stroke engine that is the heart of it. The go kart

The go kart has an electrical C.D.I ignition with a CVT transmission. The general displacement for a 200cc dune buggy go kart is approx 168cc (ml). As far as the torque is concerned, a dune buggy can give out a torque of up to 6000 rpm.

Mechanical features:Though a go kart has a minimalistic design, some of its mechanical features play an important role in determining how much of a fun ride it is going to be. A vehicle’s mechanical features may include its outer body, weight, fuel capacity, drive, gears, brakes, tires, the dimensions of the go kart and much more. `Adjusted with an advanced braking system, the mechanical features of the Dune buggy go kart make it a rugged choice.

Weight: The weight of the dune buggy can vary as per its engine displacements. If you get a higher cc bike, chances are it weighs more than the lower cc version. Where a 200cc dune buggy can have a net weight of 550 lbs, a 250cc dune buggy go kart can have a weight of approx 350 lbs.

Brakes: go karts like all other vehicles have a front hand brake. It has hydraulic disc brakes for complete control and a rear foot brake as well.

Tires:the tire size of the dune buggy go kart can varies so that it can provide a most stable drift and let you zap around the corners while racing. While a 250cc buggy may have a tire dimension of 22 x 8 in for the front tires, and 22 x 10 for the rear, a 200cc dune buggy go kart can have just an inch of a difference i.e. 22 x 7 for the front and 22 x10 for the rear.

Outer dimensions: It has a standard ground clearance of roughly 11 inches.

Other miscellaneous features

Still thinking about zeroing in on the Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart ? Then its miscellaneous features might complete your criteria of a zippy go kart. Some its miscellaneous features talk about its safety features, movements, speed limiter, lights including the headlight, taillight and spot light as well as the battery.

The go kart has a bumper in the front that offers protection from accidental bumps. It has an engine kill and a speed limiter for extra safety. As an anti theft feature it has keyed ignition and engraved frame number. The kart has forward and reverse movements and multiple spotlights that make go karting fun even after the sun has set.

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