Top Tips For Success At Your Next Dental Job Interview

We all know that when you are asked to come for an interview for a job that you have applied for, it can be a nerve-wracking and stressful experience, even at the best of times. Nearly all dental jobs nowadays use interviews in order for the dental office to cut down on the number of applications. So, what is the best way to maximize your chances of success in the interview process?

Here are some tips from

Before the Interview

It is vitally important for you to research the dental office that you are looking to work in. Most interviewers use the interview process to find out whether you know the dental office’s goals, ethos, and culture. If you don’t, then it is unlikely you will go further in the process. We’d also recommend that you read the description of the job carefully to ensure you have all the necessary skills for the job. If you don’t, maybe find out ways how you can improve over time.

We’d also recommend that you get a friend to conduct a mock interview. Brainstorm potential questions that may come up such as your past experience, education and why you should be hired compared to the competition. It is important for you to be relaxed during the interview. There is nothing worse than being so nervous that you are unable to talk freely with the interviewer.

Also, make sure you are dressed to impress. Make sure your attire is suitable for the position you are applying for.

During the Interview

It is essential for you to turn off your smartphone prior to entering the interview. If it goes off, make sure you apologize right away. If you are nervous, try and channel your nerves into positivity and energy. Show the interviewer you are engaged and out to impress.

Be patient if your interview time comes and goes. The interviewer may be caught up with a patient, so don’t go asking why you haven’t been seen. When waiting, don’t bury yourself in your phone. You could be called at a moment’s notice. You can sit and go through some questions in your head so it is fresh in your mind.

When you speak with the interviewer, be positive at all times. Don’t paint yourself in a negative light. Show that you are a great person to work with. A good tip is to be pleased with the receptionist and any other staff member that you come across, as they will more than likely be asked about their opinion of you. You want to leave an impression on anyone you come across.

Oh, and don’t be too downhearted if you don’t succeed this time around. There are plenty of dental jobs available on for you to apply for. We wish you good luck!


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