Unexpected guests? These quick and easy dinner recipes will save your day

Save The Day With Quick And Easy Dinner Recipes For Unexpected Guests

There is always a time when you find out last second that you will have guests over at your house for the evening. You know that they will plan to stay for dinner but have no idea what to cook to appease all of your guests. Therefore, in order to make your day and evening less stressful, make a quick and easy dinner recipes that are listed below to make a dinner that is fast, efficient, and tasteful.

Steak And Corny Salad: Grill up some steak on a skillet pan and only add salt and pepper for taste. To add more to the meal a corny salad would be a perfect match. Simply grill up some corn in the same pan you grilled the steaks. Add any other veggies that you have laying around and spray a little vinaigrette to coat them as they cook. Your dinner should be done around thirty minutes or less depending on how many people you have over. You can add some wine to finish the dinner off and your guests will be satisfied easy and fast.

Fennel And Cod Or Tilapia: This elegant meal is sure to please those who are looking to have a fast and sweet dinner. Skillet up the cod or tilapia on the stove and add just salt, pepper, and a squirt of lemon juice. It is better with fresh lemon, but if all you have is bottled lemon juice, then just be aware how much you add. You can cook the fennel on the side to start, then as the cod or tilapia is finishing, add the fennel to absorb the flavors. Touch it up with a glass of champagne and you are set in less than fifteen to thirty minutes.

One Pot Make It It All Mac And Cheese: If you are expecting children to be over, then there is nothing faster than mac and cheese. In addition, every kid loves mac and cheese. Simply boil the water and add what noodles you have in the house to fill half the pot. Once the noodles are cooked, you can add other ingredients, such as canned corn or peas, or even some bacon bits to the noodles after they are drained. Add one cup of lukewarm milk and any type of cheese to the pot. Leave the pot on the stove at a low heat to melt the cheese. Add a half of stick of butter and some salt and pepper. Make sure to stir it until all the cheese and butter is melted. Serve it with some fruit punch or lemon water and your guests will be happy with the outcome.

Final Thoughts:In conclusion, making a meal in less than thirty or so minutes is fast easy and simple. Take one of the options listed above and you will have dinner in no time. You might even only have a few fewer dishes to clean after you are through with the meal, however, each guest will be thankful as well as leave your house with a full stomach. Therefore, try one of the options for the quick and easy dinner recipes, and you will not be discouraged with having to figure out a meal in less than a half hour.

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