Use These Smart Steps To Increase Your Restaurant’s Beverage Sales

It’s a fundamental question every bartender or restaurateur asks: How can I boost my beverage sales?  While there are countless beverage sales techniques out there, not all work out.

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Beverage sales are rarely constant. High competition, season change, the economy, and several other factors play a major role in the number of guests heading to the restaurant or bar.  According to the experienced beverage consultants, the art of beverage or drinks sale is a pretty complicated process. From deciding the menu to the staff members,  as previously mentioned there are countless factors that go into guests’ decision-making process. So, if you are a bartender or restauranteur then you have to think of innovative ways to increase in your bar or restaurant. Here are a few suggestions shared by experienced beverage consultants.


The best way to increase beverage sales in your restaurant or bar is to keep guests around for a longer time. According to beverage consultants creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is what a restaurant owner or bartender can do for encouraging guest drinking more.  Some people prefer to enjoy their drinks in the open air, so you add a lounge in an outside area. The fact is several people want to smoke and enjoy the fresh air.


Right from the time guests heads into until they leave your restaurant, each of your staff members should know how they can individually put their best foot front to increase beverage sales. The hostess/host should always direct the people to the restaurant or bar while waiting for the table to get ready. The restaurant owner or bartender must always greet their guests and offer a personal recommendation on what drinks they should try.


In order to increase beverage sales in your restaurant, talking to your beverage distributor can greatly help. Try to make your distributor your best busy. Ask about new drinks available in the market. There is a number of emerging brands that offer lower promotional pricing to get their products in more and more restaurants and bars. The best part is people love to taste new beverages.


You must have seen in the movies – louder music sells more drinks. This is true in real life too. Loud music encourages people to drink more. So, turn up the tunes high and add a dancing area in your restaurant. Place speakers away from the dining area, so that loud music doesn’t disturb those who are dining.


You may have noticed that more and more people are turning down sugar consumption. So, instead of offering them plain water, think about the idea of offering them something healthy. It’s not a secret, healthy drinks are trendy. Since, sales of healthy beverages are on the rise, offering healthy drinks to guests at the meal is another best way to increase beverage sales and constantly hit the market. However, try to stick with the same recipe.

Think about implementing the above-mentioned steps shared by top beverage consultants to hit and even surpass your beverage sales goals.

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