Visit The Buddh International Circuit

The Buddh International Circuit has been regarded to be a wonderful place for holding Indian motor racing. It is located at a distance of 40 kilometers away from the city of Delhi, in UP’s Greater Noida region. This circuit boasts of having total audience holding capacity of about 120,000. It is the venue for hosting the annual Indian Grand Prix Formula 1 racing. This venue was inaugurated only on October 30, 2011.

Visit The Buddh International Circuit

Its Design

The circuit is about 5.13 kilometers and has been designed by Hermann Tilke, the well known racetrack designer and German architect. Constructing this grand circuit took around $400 million (about Rs. 20 billion then) covering an area of around 354 ha (874 acres). The initial seating capacity built was 110,000. It did include some provisions for enabling the venue to increase the audience holding capacity to about 200,000 in the future.

The Circuit

This circuit is stated to be part of the Jaypee Greens Sport City. The total area covered by the circuit is 2,500 acre. There were plans to include an international cricket stadium having a seating capacity of about 100,000, field hockey stadium with 25,000 seats, sports academy along with an 18-hole golf course. The teams were asked for suggestions and feedbacks based upon which the circuit was altered. This way, overtaking by the racing cars had been enhanced, with the alterations being successfully incorporated within the circuit design. At the turn, the proposed hairpin bend had been eliminated. There was incorporated widening of the track at turn three, thereby allowing the drivers to make use of different lines throughout the corner.

Its Details

The circuit had been planned to be made to appear much more challenging for the drivers. The circuit is made to rise about 14 meters in the initial three corners itself and on its far side has been provided with double apex bend. This circuit is known to have earned praises from drivers, which also include the popular Lewis Hamilton, who has compared this circuit to that of Circuit de Spa Francorchamps.

Banked multi-apex is used for coming up with a sequence of 10-11-12, regarded to be among the most notable of all sections in this circuit. This has been compared to that of the Istanbul Park’s fast and long Turn 8 circuit, which tightens on the exit and has been stated to be clockwise right hander. Although not exactly termed as a significant overtaking point, it is definitely the corner, where it is possible to have the F1 cars to be displayed at its full cornering potential. At 1060m is located the main straight of this circuit, which is indeed F1’s longest with a significant overtaking point located at its end. The pitlane being over 600 meters is regarded the longest in F1 Formula racing. The amount of time that is spent in the pitlane has been regarded to be a crucial aspect for deciding the different strategies of the race.

In short, the Buddh International Circuit is a fabulous place for those who have a passion for fast cars and racing.

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