What Are The Best Luxury Attractions South Florida Can Provide Your Family Vacation?

At certain times of the year, South Florida and especially Palm Beach County has the highest concentration of wealth in the world. President Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago resort is found in Palm Beach County, Gianni Versace’s beachfront mansion is on Ocean Drive, Al Capone’s mansion is found near by and throughout Miami you can find the homes that are owned and resided by rich and famous. South Florida has a lot to offer people looking for an opulent experience in their vacation.

If you have the money and wish to immerse yourself into a lifestyle that few can afford or enjoy, then South Florida is an ideal vacation destination to visit. There are a number of malls, resorts, restaurants and other attractions are available to those looking for an opulent experience in South Florida. The following are some of the luxurious attractions you can find and experience when visiting South Florida.

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Everyone loves to eat well, especially the wealthy. Throughout South Florida, especially Miami, one can find numerous restaurants available that caters to the wealthy or at least those willing to spend big on a good meal. The former home of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace has been turned into a luxurious hotel and restaurant. If you like Italian food, the real thing, then you will love Gianni’s at the Villa. Renowned Chefs Mathias Gervais and Thomas Stewart have brought the flavors of Italy and Mediterranean cuisine to Miami Beach, offering a dining experience few can enjoy.

If want something more hearty, you can visit The Forge, a steakhouse located in Miami as well. This restaurant has been a staple of luxurious dining and socialization since the 1930s. This location has seen many notables figures and celebrities over the decades; musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, former president Richard Nixon and even mafia boss Al Capone were regulars at this restaurant. If you are craving a sophisticated steak this is the perfect place to visit, or if you are craving something else you can also visit The Forge, which serves an array of seafood and other forms of cuisine.

Everybody loves the mall; it’s America’s favorite playground to spend money, eat food, and have a good time. There are a number of malls and fashion districts that cater to affluent or to those ready to spend a pretty penny on the best clothes around. Bal Harbour Shops exhibit a number of fashion brands that exude luxury and opulence. Located on Collins Avenue, this open air mall exhibits fashion brands such as Saint Laurent, Prada, Versace, Gucci and Jimmy Choo.

Apart from offering many luxury fashion boutiques, the Bal Harbour Shops offer a number of restaurants and cafes that provide an experience that most common restaurants and cafes can’t offer. Also, if you are someone who appreciates elegant horticulture, the Bal Harbour Shops has a beautiful garden which decorates the location, giving an radiant and luxurious ambience similar to that of Babylon or Troy.

Luxury is much more than expensive things or buying expensive things; luxury is an experience or an aura that you feel when you do purchase something expensive and South Florida isn’t short of offering the most opulent things, services and experiences around. There are a number of restaurants and luxurious shopping districts located within South Florida that will be able to provide the best leisure and vacation experience for your family and yourself, if you have the money to blow.

At certain times of the year South Florida has the highest concentration of wealth in the world, especially in Miami and Palm Beach County. Luxury resorts are essential in providing the sort of experience that the rich and famous can afford. There are a number of these resorts lined up from Miami Beach to Boca Raton and prices ranging from the high 100s a night to 900 dollars a night. These resorts a champagne scented leisure experience that everyone should have, the most expensive of which is the Four Seasons Resort located just north of Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County; not too far from here you will find the The Breakers Palm Beach and last but certainly not least, the Mar-a-Lago.

In Miami Dade County, you will find the famed Ritz-Carlton Resort located in South Beach which is currently $399 a night and not to far from this, located on the small Island of Brickell Key off the main coast of Florida, you will find the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Also located in South Beach is the Villa Casa Casuarina, which happens to be the former home of famed Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. The luxurious mediterranean style villa was converted into a luxurious hotel and restaurant in 2015. Sadly, Gianni Versace was murdered outside of this mansion in 1997, making this not only a hotel, but a momento to a beloved figure.

At certain periods throughout the year, South Florida has the highest concentration of wealth on the planet, especially in Miami Dade and Palm Beach County. There are a number of luxury hotels in south florida and opulent resort, shopping and fashion districts that people, with that sort of money, can come in and enjoy themselves lavishly.

In Miami Beach, there are a number of restaurants that will give you a taste of what very few people can taste; lined though South Beach, you will find many restaurants that offer a dining experience that only the wealthy can afford. Everyone loves to spend money on clothing and precious jewelry that are worth the exorbitant cost as well as fashion boutiques that cater to the wealthy with elegant articles of clothing that will not only make you look luxurious, but fell luxurious as well and if that is not enough, lined up from South Beach to Boynton Beach are a number of luxury resorts and luxury hotels that will give you the experience of absolute opulence. Going on vacation is about going on an experience that you do not normally feel in your everyday life; south florida is a vacation destination that will grant you this experience which you will remember for a long time. See more visit: South Florida Luxury Guide.

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