Hair Stylist Tips On How To Get the Very Best Hair Color

Hair is an extremely tricky thing to discuss due to the fact hair, in itself, is oftentimes bipolar. While some days it may seem as if your hair has never looked better, other days it may seem as if your hair has never looked like such a mess. Due to this fact, many people will decide that they want to change the color of their hair when they start to get tired of the same old hair. However, deciding to color your hair cannot be a sudden idea as it must be seriously thought about and researched because if it is not, you risk the chance of damaging your hair or choosing a color that you dislike. Such decisions you should think about should include what salon you go to, what shade of what color, what is the upkeep of the color, and much more. As a result, there is a lot to consider. Here are a few tips from hair stylists in Miami on how to get the very best hair color.

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  1. Consider Your Hair Texture

One of the most significant things to consider when deciding on how to get the best hair color is your hair’s unique texture. Not every person’s hair will have the same exact texture, meaning that it will require a hair color treatment that is as unique to the texture as possible. For example, curly, kinky hair can be much more delicate when withstanding chemicals so it requires a gentler method of dying it. But when working with dark, straight hair, it can withstand a lot more in comparison to other textures of hair since it full of melanin. As a result, it may even be harder to lighten. Coloring hair affects every hair texture different so the chemical formula should be adjusted depending on if yours is dry, delicate, permeable, or resistant. Your hair texture may not have crossed your mind if you have previously dyed your hair at home, but if it is your first time dying it at a salon, you should share your dying experiences with the stylist so that they can alter what chemicals they use. Some chemicals may be too harsh for your hair texture and end up damaging hair if your hair cannot withstand it.

  1. Bring Pictures Of The Color You Want

It is extremely important that you bring one or two photos of the color you desire since your definition of one particular color may not be the same as someone else’s. For example, saying that you want a light blue color does not give any detail on the shade you may want since there are different variations of light blue. But, with a few pictures, you will be able to showcase what the exact color is and how you want it. However, it is always necessary to remember that photos you have found on Instagram or Pinterest may not be the actual color of the hair since there may be filters or other alterations on it. Any hair stylist in Miami can tell you that many people will edit a photo to make the hair in the photo seem more vibrant. As well, hair color can look different in the bathroom, outside, and any other place so the true tone may not be the color that you desire.

  1. Come In With Healthy Hair

The health and overall maintenance of your hair can affect the outcome of your hair color. If your hair is brittle and broken, the hair will not be able to accept the color the same way that healthy hair is able to. Getting a haircut, even if it is just a trim, before dying your hair can remove any damaged strands and ensure that the new color can go on smoothly. If a stylist is not working with a fresh haircut and you still need a trim after the hair is dyed, it can result in the hair you just dyed to be cut off and can even affect the appearance of the dye job. As well, it is a great idea to do a deep-conditioning hair treatment before coloring your hair because if it is done afterward, it can dry out the hair and strip away color.

  1. Keep The Skin’s Undertones In Mind

When deciding on a color shade to go with, it is a good idea to keep in mind your skin’s undertones. If you have a pinkish undertone, it may be a better idea to stick with a cooler, ashier tone. If you have a yellow skin undertone, going with golds and warms is a safe bet. A colorist will be able to assist you with determining your undertone if you are unsure or you can take an online quiz beforehand if you want to have an idea of what it is before you go into your appointment. Doing a strand test can also help you to visualize how the color will look with your skin tone. A strand test is when one or multiple strands of hair from underneath your head are taken and dyed with the color you may possibly want to go with. It not only allows you to see if it goes well with your skin tone, but it also allows you to see if you like the color. If you end up not liking it, you can choose on a different color or a different shade of that color.

Overall, as previously mentioned, hair is not an easy thing to discuss due to the fact that it is not an easy thing to manage. Spontaneously deciding to dye your hair may seem like a good idea but it is important that you have an idea of what you want to do and that you take into consideration all of the factors. A good hair stylist in Miami that can aid you in the hair dying process is The Changing Room Salons. Their hair stylists have worked with a variety of clients with different types of hair and offer a multitude of services. Contact them today for your next dye job!

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