What If: You Don’t Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Accident, Slip and Fall are all matter of chance, or you may call it bad luck. Whatever the case may be, when to meet with an accident you have to take into consideration that you should be fit and in good health.

What If: You Don’t Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

  • This step is primary as you may be risking your life again if you do not take proper treatment or medication. The first time was maybe when you did not have focus when you met with an accident. Or the time when you slipped and fell.
  • Once you have taken proper care of your physical and mental fitness, you can look to claim compensation from the insurance company. Or it might be the party who was responsible for the injuries that you suffered.
  • For example, if a client calls you at their office for some work. And while you are in the office you slip on the wet floor and fall. Hurting your back and or some other part of the leg or any body part. In such a case you are liable to compensation if there was no warning sign that alerts you about the floor.
  • This a case of inviting the guest to a location with potential health hazard that resulted in damage causing injury. The client, in this case, becomes liable to pay you a compensation by Law.
  • However, things are not as easy bass may sound. There can be further complexities in the case. The client may try to point it out that the board was there and you out of your inability to focus slipped and fell.
  • For proving the fault of the cleaning department of your client’s office, you would require a Personal Injury lawyer or an Accident Attorney.

If you are fit after the accident or the slip and fall incident, also if you have the skills and knowledge to pursue the insurance companies for compensation. Then the following points might help you on your road to successfully get the claim that you are entitled to.

1. Start with the Evidence

After the accident, if you are conscious enough to operate your mobile. Then then the best evidence is a photo evidence. People cannot be trusted; that is the harsh reality. But you may not need people as your evidence if you rely on technology. Click the pictures of the relevant documents, like car insurance, registration, driving license. Or if you are involved in a case like the one in the above example. You may take pictures of the surroundings creating a proof that there was no warning sign.

2. Keep the Bills

Bills present a very refined picture of the money that you are entitled to. Keep the bills in the secured documents and always ask for duplicate copies to be sent on your emails. So that if you somehow, lose the hard copy of the bills, you can still present the proof for your expenses. Medical bills, documents from the office for lost work of wages and visitation charges by the doctor, you may include everything you want and make sure that your insurance company pays you the compensation.

3. Take Advice

You may not be willing to hire a Personal Injury lawyer or an Accident attorney. But if you wish or feel the need to do so. You may take a reference or discuss your case with an attorney by paying fees or look for attorneys who provides free consultations.

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