What Is MFA? And Why Should I Use It?

We live in an era where data breaches that compromise authentication takes place almost always. Even though having a strong password is crucial in securing your data and network, security experts are recommending a Multi-Factor Authentication (employing more than one technology) for securing networks and data. With MFA in place, a user must combine some technologies from not less than three separate areas or groups. These include:

Something you Possess

Before the increased usage of smartphones, you could spot a majority of users carrying a bunch of smart cards or tokens that could generate user codes that could be used once by being entered or typed into backend systems. Today, smartphones generate such codes or even allow a user to communicate to a given server with one-time codes.

Something you know

Normally, this is either a password or a PIN. Others would include a question or a paraphrase and their immediate or corresponding answers. To ensure that a user gains access, he or she must enter the exact information that can be matched by the backend. This information must correspond to previously entered data.

Something you could be

This mainly involves anything ranging fingerprints, facial recognition, retina scans, voice recognition, and even the behavior of a user (maybe how fast or hard they can swipe or type on a given platform such as a screen) to be used in identifying different types of users.

To fulfill MFA, there must be not less than two separate technologies from two groups or more technologies. For instance, using a password and a PIN may not be categorized under MFA, but using facial recognition and a PIN would be.

Why you should use multi-factor Authentication

Do you want to secure your data and network against breaches? If this is the case, then you need MFA services. Methods of authentication that depend on more than one factor are difficult to compromise as opposed to single-factor ones. In the same context, properly designed and subsequently installed multifactor authentication methods are stronger and more reliable than single-factor password /username authentication that a lot of people across the globe are used to.

Multifactor authentication is the best and most secure since they compel the user to prove whether they are the real owners of certain information or access before being allowed to access certain information or carry out any transaction such as withdrawing money from the bank. Here, if a single factor happens to be compromised by individuals with ill motives, then the attacker or hacker trying to access personal information still has to get through two or more barriers to break before reaching the target. Again, on most occasions, breaking the second and probably the last barrier is not an easy thing to achieve.

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