What To Do When Your Disability Claim Has Been Denied

Most people believe that an accident will happen to someone else, not them. This is often why people take unnecessary risks and why accidents can and do happen. Unfortunately, some accidents result in a permanent injury and have a very real effect to live your life the way you wanted to.

Once you have had an accident you will need to see if the person or business that caused the accident has any accident insurance protection. If they do then you will need to pursue a claim through them, if not, you may need to speak to your insurance company and establish the correct procedure to follow.

What To Do When Your Disability Claim Has Been Denied

Unfortunately, sometimes, despite having taken out all the right insurance your disability insurance claim may be rejected; this can be for a variety of reasons. In fact, your insurance company will probably attempt to exploit every loophole to ensure they do not have to pay. This can be a heart breaking and frustrating time. Access to an appropriate level of funds can make a huge difference to your ability to live and enjoy life. Being deprived of this can leave you stunned and feeling alone.

Thankfully this does not need to end at this point. If your disability claim has been denied then you will be able to avail yourself of the services of a denied disability lawyer. There are many lawyers practicing in this field. Each one will assess your case on an individual basis and, if you are approved, they will fight the insurance company for you.

A denied disability lawyer, such as Share Lawyers, based in Ontario, will be able to advise you if the best way forward. Their initial consultation is free and they will usually take on your case on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Share Lawyers offer a service to anyone in Canada and have built an excellent reputation for getting the right result for their clients. Their website ShareLawyers.com will provide you with an example of their style and approach.

There are several reasons as to why a denied disability lawyer is likely to get better results than you can by yourself:

  • They know the law, which ones apply and what previous precedents have been set. They will be in much better position than you to win a legal fight.

  • They have established communication with all the major insurance companies. No matter how serious the claim, they will already have a relationship with the right people and may be able to pick up a good deal on your disability simply based on this!

  • Experience is a valuable and even essential tool in this trade. A firm which is experienced within this field will have the knowledge and experience to aggressively fight in your corner and secure the funds you deserve to aid in your recovery.

  • They will not be under the same level of stress and emotional involvement as you. This means they will be able to focus on getting you the best results why you focus on getting as better as possible.

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