Why Celebrities Love Aran Sweaters

Rightly has clothing been described as a form of self-expression. An instant language that hints to one’s personality. Celebrities more than anyone else endeavor to dress in a manner that says it all without uttering a word! The unique stitch patterns coupled with the modern styling and design yield a classy and cool finish that explains why Aran sweaters have been accepted in celebrity circles.

The woolen sweater has its origin in the west coast of Ireland. It became a household name when it was first published in the Vogue, a US fashion magazine, in the 1950’s. Today the comfortable and very warm cardigan is worn all over the world.

So what would make celebrities with all their intrigues and sophistication include the Aran sweaters in their wardrobes? It must be solid reasons, trust you me. Let’s explore some of them.


Aran sweaters are exceptionally well done. They are made out of 100% wool which is neatly knit into an incredible cardigan. At times the fabric is blended with other materials for a more comfortable outcome.

It’s carefully hand-knit while great care taken to highlight all the necessary features. Besides, the thick but light yarn makes it very durable.

Why Celebrities Love Aran Sweaters


The sweaters come in many different colors, styles and designs hence a wide variety to pick from. With such a variety, the celebrity together with their stylist are able to work out a good look for whatever outfit it’s to be worn with. An outfit for different occasions, indoors or outdoors, during the day, in the evening or at night.


Celebrities love a stunning look that will keep tongues wagging long after the occasion. A perfectly fitting Aran sweater delivers just that. The intricate stitches are meticulously done by expert knitters row by row accentuating the beautiful patterns.

The honeycomb, basket, diamond and the customized bottom patterns gives it a perfect killer finish. A perfect finish that enhances the body shape. Wear this any time, you will be fashionable. A classy and trendy look photographers will die to capture.

Something good with Aran sweaters is that it is timeless. Since growing in popularity mid last century, it still is fashionable. With the faddish fears away, rock in your latest Aran cardigan.


Celebrities enjoy being in a class of their own. The quest for uniqueness is understandable. After all, there’s only but a handful of celebrities in the whole world.

Aran sweaters are made in three ways: machines made, hand loomed or hand made. Machine made sweaters are of the lowest quality as they have little human input. Followed by the hand loomed sweaters. Hand-made sweaters are the best and of the highest quality.

The hand-made sweaters are slowly knitted by humans taking into account all the details. After many hours of labor, a sweater with conspicuously beautiful patterns on the carefully knitted layers of wool is ready for sale. At a fortune that matches all the hard labor that has gone into it. This makes it a reserve for the have-its.


Everyone has that one lazy day that they want they want more for less. Or the day you are struck for time and you cannot do much styling. What saves the day is a simple but classic outfit. The Aran sweater it is. It’s a perfect effortless beauty kind of attire.

The casual carefree but classy and trendy look makes the Aran sweater appealing.

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