Why Purchase A Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case

Studies over the past few years have concluded that exposure to radiation from cell phones have become a major health issue. For those who do now know, Smartphone’s have the capabilities of emitting radiation that can affect a user’s body and heat. In addition to the latter scenarios, phone cases also have the potential of affecting the phone itself. Examples of dropped phone calls, weak signals, and exhausting a battery quicker than normal can all be caused by exposure to radiation. There is radiation blocking cell phone case options available in the market.

It has been noted by ctia.org that around 89 percent of Americans own and use Smartphone’s of some kind. In that percentage, we now have to take into consideration that kids are a part of that statistic. We understand how important it is that Smartphone users protect their investments by purchasing physically protective cases. However, there are a few tips that you as a Smartphone user should know about to not only protect your cell phone but yourself as well.

Why Purchase A Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case

The thicker the case, the more radiation you get

From firstimpression, most of us do not completely comprehend what the signs we should look out for if we (as our body) absorbs radiation. Generally, most cell phone users tend to purchase the most protective phone cases possible. Nonetheless, Pong Research (cell phone case maker) submitted a test and results to the FCC in May 2012 regarding this situation.

The iPhone 4 was the only cell phone model used in this test. Without a phone case, there was no sign of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) traced at all. However, as the cases became thicker, the SAR percentage went up.

Case-Mate (very thin case) = 20% SAR
Speck Candy Shell Case = 50% SAR
Otterbox Impact Case = 70% SAR

Decrease in signal strengths

As you can imagine from the previous information listed above how important it should be now to choose your next phone case wisely. Not only does a thicker phone case cause problems to our physical health, but it also affects the phone in the most important element of the phone.

EWG (Environmental Working Group) tested the percentage of radiating power and levels of signal strength with an iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 (no case) – 0% decrease

iPhone 4 (case-mate brushed aluminum case) – 60% decrease

iPhone 4 (Incupio Le Deux Case) = 90% decrease

As you can tell from this brief synopsis of information and facts, it is time that we as consumers pay more attention to our smartphone decisions. By no means is this meant to be a scare tactic or detraction of phone case companies. Although the phone tested in these scenarios was the iPhone 4, this is, in fact, a standard to go by (seeing that iPhones are being looked at as the premium smartphone brand).

There are radiation blocking cell phone case choices available for different brands. If you cannot find them locally, feel free to browse Amazon.com or ebay.com to find out alternative case options.

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