Why Reupholstering Is Preferred For Sofa Cleaning

As soon as you remember that it is time for the big seasonal house cleaning, you may wonder from where to start and what exactly to clean. The furnishings are often one of the most overwhelming chapters in this adventure, because they are huge and heavy, and often dirty too. They have visible and invisible parts, and each needs its own treatment to achieve flawless results. Calling a big professional company with different crews for cleaning all the rooms and objects is not one of the best ideas, so a great idea is to try something different – for example, reupholstering. This can easily turn into a fabulous DIY project for the weekend and with the help of all the family members, you can get awesome results. Even better than deep cleaning!

Why Reupholstering Is Preferred For Sofa Cleaning

Reupholstering is one of the most preferred methods for a complete removal of all the old, new, small and big stains. The advantages of reupholstering are numerous:

1 – Making an old sofa or a chair to look like a new one. When you change the upholstery, choose a different one. According to the difference, you can take a pick of an upholstery with vibrant colors or with pastel hues, or a patchwork that looks almost natural. In all cases – choose a completely different upholstery to provide a completely different look of the big old furnishings in your house.

2 – Reupholstering requires more measurements than hard work. It`s the completely opposite thing of the seasonal house cleaning when you have to deal with big heavy carpets, kitchen appliances, dirt, sorting and rearranging the wardrobes, etc. Not to mention the annoying drying time after a hot water treatment. To make your furnishings transformed with their new upholsteries, you will need only basic instruments such as a ruler, a pen, a knife and pins. The rest of the work includes plenty of preparation tasks, but they all range from taking the right measurements to remove the old upholsteries.

3 – When you reupholster the sofa – you get rid of all the unhealthy bacteria, pollens, germs, microorganisms and other invisible blemishes, which are usually quite hard for a complete elimination during a regular or even during deep cleaning. When you get rid of the old upholstery, you also get rid of a number of other issues, which can`t be eliminated with the usual detergents and sanitizing agents. It comes to traces of wear, damaged fibers, discoloration issues, loss of texture or dark areas under the armrests of the chairs, for example.

Yet reupholstering has its own unique disadvantages, such as the need for a helper when reupholstering a huge sofa or a lounge chair. Your helper will be needed for handling the big new upholstery when measuring the exact sizes and dimensions before cutting, as well as when strengthening the upholstery along the joints and the edges, and for other tasks. Reupholstering can become quite time-consuming if you do it for the first time. Just make yourself a plan for the weekend and make sure that you have all the tools needed for this project. Find out more tips and trick for sofa reupholstering, and take your free time. Don`t rush when searching for a new upholstery in the store and always buy a little bit larger upholstery than the surface of the furnishings.

If reupholstering is not your way for transforming the old sofa into a new piece of decoration for your house, then you should try the usual methods for deep cleaning. From professional cleaning services to making homemade detergents and using a rental steam cleaning machine – consider all the options before choosing the preferred method: reupholstering.

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