Why Students and Teachers Should Have the Proper Belief System?

There are many factors that can provide direct impacts on student performance. One thing that teachers can change and modify is their beliefs. In this case, students should have the positive beliefs on their academic capacity and abilities. In this case, students should be able to participate properly in the whole learning process. They should have the willingness, energy and effort to get involved. Good beliefs should also influence the persistence of these children when facing numerous challenges. This will have a significant factor for their future and grades. Students should have a working relationship with instructors and other students. These beliefs should also be held subconsciously. Obviously, improper beliefs could have negative impacts on students and they could struggle in the class. In this case, it is important for teachers to evaluate the existing beliefs of their children. Teachers should instruct children to find factors that support their positive beliefs, instead of things that can contradict them. In many cases, students will need the proper guidance and direction.

Why Students and Teachers Should Have the Proper Belief System

Teaching process can be a lot more effective, if teachers have understood and examined their student’s belief system. This will require a level of involvement and it is also important for teachers to assess their own belief system. As an example, teachers should positively assume that students are fully prepared academically for the learning process. If some students seem to fail in the process of learning, teachers should be able to take the proper steps. In this case, teachers should avoid creating a negative interaction with students, if there are problems with the learning system. They should design multiple helpful approaches for effective teaching method. In this case, the impact of positive learning should improve the learning process. Unfortunately, many teachers don’t self check their beliefs. In this case, teachers should make sure if they are confident of becoming self-motivated, capable and trusted teachers. It is important to know that teachers should also become facilitators, coaches and mentors to ensure highly successful learning process.

In this case, both students and teachers could have specific pre-conceived ideas about the learning process. Students should be able to deliver their best efforts. They should be able to achieve the best grade by implementing positive belief system. It is clearly not possible for teachers to understand the belief system of their children in just a few hours, a couple days, or even several months. In many cases, the actual belief system could be hidden under the visible emotions and behaviours. In this case, both teachers and students should challenge themselves to learn new behaviours. This will ensure improved performance and productivity. Students should be encouraged to find their internal motivation. By performing the proper techniques, it is possible for students and teachers to overcome their belief-influenced problems. In many cases, problems can be handled much more easily by directly changing some of the basic belief system. It is clearly important to establish much more realistic perspective about specific goals.

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