Why You Need Décor Lacquered Glass

Glass is truly a marvel of technology and nature. Blessed with aesthetics and beauty by nature, it can be reinforced with strength and durability via the means of technology. The end result is often crystal clear perfection. In architecture, glass is often utilized to impart a very premium, sophisticated and rich appearance to spaces, whether it is a home, an office, or a shop. There are many types of glass that can help you achieve that look, but none is better than Décor Lacquered Glass.

What is lacquered glass?

Why You Need Décor Lacquered Glass

Lacquered glass is a type of a back painted glass, often produced by depositing and baking a coating of lacquer to one side of a clear glass sheet. In case you are wondering what lacquer is, then you should know that it is a solution consisting of natural or synthetic materials that form a film when applied to a surface. This coating is usually applied for protective or decorative reasons.

This type of glass often has a coloured or an opaque appearance, and can make interiors look remarkably beautiful and splendid. One of the best lacquered glass in the industry is the Décor Lacquered Glass manufactured by AIS. It is not only aesthetically brilliant and available in 10 shades, but is equipped with a host of properties that help you stylise and innovate your interiors.

What are the advantages of Décor Lacquered Glass?

  • Durable with a premium quality finish

With Décor Lacquered Glass, you will not be compromising on quality for aesthetics. Whether it is toughness, the long-lasting nature of the paint used, the supreme finish on the surface, or the perfect hue of the glass, rest assure that the glass will look as a good as new even after years of usage.

  • Environment-friendly and easy to maintain

When it comes to paints, people are often apprehensive that they might be a health and environment hazard. That is not the case with Décor Lacquered Glass. Only eco-friendly paints are used in its manufacture. Also, the ease of maintenance for the glass is remarkable.

  • Resistant to moisture, heat and UV rays

What makes Décor Lacquered Glass truly irresistible is the presence of various desirable properties. It can withstand temperatures up to 80 degree Celsius, is an excellent option for humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens due to moisture resistance, and also blocks UV rays, thereby preventing any sort of discolouration.

  • Easy to modify and remodel

You can experiment with this lacquered glass a lot since it can be easily cut, drilled, ground, bevelled, edge-finished, and polished according to your need.

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