How To Choose Pocket Doors?

Pocket door installation is a convenient option when you are looking to get a safe partition between the living room and your kitchen or to open a doorway in a large hallway etc.  Pocket door slides into the adjoining wall thus with the least space involvement you get a conventional door. These pocket doors are convenient and give ample of free space that has multiple utility also adding a wow factor to your home interiors.

How To Choose Pocket Doors?

Types of Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are of two types, one that slides directly into the wall and the second one slides into a metal cage popularly known as a cassette which provides a self-contained pocket for the door to fit in. The second option is expensive owing to the extra reinforcement within the wall. Generally it is the first option which is widely used in homes. The manufacturers insist on using cassette option for places where traffic is more due to regular guests or children. Pocket door with cassette is a feasible option when you are planning to install a full glass door or a fire door.

Viable Options for Pocket Doors

Fittings & Fixtures

If you are planning to innovate your existing structure with pocket doors, you require to employ a professional handyman who can brief you about the possibilities of pocket doors at the place of your choice inspecting the status of electric and HVAC wiring, windows or plumbing tracks. The spots which are devoid of these fittings can be used for the pocket doors. If you want to install a pocket door at your preferred spot then let a professional guide you if alterations can be done to the existing fittings and fixtures or not. In new constructions, there should be no issue of viability but in existing homes, it entails absolute planning.

Wall Space & Thickness

Secondly, you have to check the wall space near to the installation of pocket doors and it should be thick enough to accommodate the pocket doors or metal cage cassette inside the wall space. The manufacturers and the professionals can guide you on this topic and suggest viable options.

Loadbearing Walls

Get the walls inspected if they are load bearing walls or non-load bearing walls, if they are load bearing then a lintel need to be constructed during the installation of pocket doors.


When your existing structure is flagged for installation of pocket doors then you require to decide the specifications which will solve your impending issue. The weight of door matters and the bearing of door is calculated in ratio to the weight while finalizing the pocket door. Finger pulls and pocket plungers are best options instead of door handles because door handles protrude and won’t let the pocket door fully inside the cavity. These things should be taken into consideration while choosing the best option.

Door Options

The door options vary according to your demand and usage. Use double door option if you are partitioning the larger spaces of conference or living rooms. Single or double door, it all depends on the usage and viability of space. Get the apt advice from a professional on which door shall suit your space.


Pocket door installation should be carried out with great care. Take all the above options in consideration and choose the best hardware for your specified pocket door. Hire a trained professional for the best installation so that no issues crop up later some time. Make sure it is fixed properly as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Pocket doors have undergone modifications so you get select from a wide variety of specifications.

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