Why You Should Start Packing Earlier?

The earlier the better is a maxim that plays a major role when moving house too. Check out some reasons why you should start packing earlier instead of leaving everything for the last minute.

Why You Should Start Packing Earlier?

1) To have more time at the moving day. There are so many things to do and to think of at the moving day that to deal with the packing of the biggest and the heaviest items is something that you want to avoid. Packing small items, such as bathroom accessories and the kids toys is even more difficult. That`s why you should start packing in advance. Not to mention that if you have more free time at the moving, you could easily follow and supervise all the activities.

2) To improve the easiness of the tasks with the approach of the moving day. You will have more time to consider all the options about the spreading of the tasks between the family members, about the informing of the neighbors and your colleagues for the new address, about the changing of the suppliers` accounts, etc. All this will be possible only if you prepare your belongings at least a month before the move or so.

3) If you pack everything earlier – then you will have more time to check and double-check the condition of your belongings in their boxes. There are plenty of things to verify – the organization of the labels of the boxes, the arrangement of the boxes by size and type, to inspect the completeness of the moving checklist, and more.

4) To spread tasks between all the family members. Everyone can do something important. The kids can deal with their own stuff like toys and drawing sets. The stronger family members can deal with the heavy lifting of the biggest objects. Overall, one can do something important and the spreading of tasks for the moving day is much easier when you already have all the items packed and ready for the move.

5) To sort and de-clutter easily the objects. There is no need to hurry in this exercise, because it is a very important exercise. Take your free time to sort all the objects from every room, and put off aside the useless or the broken items. There is no need to move useless objects only to throw them away right after unpacking in your new house. That`s why the best way to see what is useless is to start de-cluttering and packing quite before the day of your house removal.

6) To have enough time to deal with the junk and with the useless objects. You can sell them to get extra benefits and you may need at least a month for that.

7) To wrap and protect well your belongings. This is especially important for furniture removals, because the big heavy furnishings have their own vulnerable parts too – the edges, the doors, the wood details and the lacquering coat.

8) To find the perfect sizes of the removal boxes. There are plenty of sizes and types of removal boxes, which means that always a great tip is to buy/rent only the most suitable ones.

9) To find a removal company earlier. One of the main requirements when searching for professional removal services is to know at least the approximate volume of your belongings, and the only way to do it is to start packing at least two months before the move.

10) To have more time at the moving day. Of course, the free time during the day of your move provides a lot of advantages. It can be achieved only if everything is packed and prepped for the move.

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