You Have To Visit Geneva To Realize How It’s Anything But A Bland City

What comes to your mind when you hear the name ‘Geneva’?

Most of us will be figuratively deported to the long circular tables facing towards a bench or podium of some significant international organization. Considered as the seat of global power and a diplomatic hub, Geneva is the headquarter of some of the most prominent international organizations such as United Nations, World Health Organization, International Labour Organization. But apart from being a global solutions provider hub, Geneva has so many things to offer, from a tourists point of view and the following places will help defy its bland status:

You Have To Visit Geneva To Realize How It’s Anything But A Bland City

If the structures of the international organizations are too monotonous for you, we suggest you look a little bit more, and you will be able to see the most underrated and diverse monuments in the city.

The magnificent,  Jet d’Eau:

You can immerse in the beauty if the ginormous waterjet sits at the center of the harbor in Lake Geneva, Jet d’Eau. It is one of the most renowned landmarks of Geneva that has a mighty jet of water soars straight up from the lake surface in a 145-meter plume.

Geneva’s Cathedral, Temple de Saint-Pierre:

Step into the intricate beauty of the Romanesque church, Temple de Saint-Pierre. The inception of this church dates back to 1150 when it was called Cathedral of Saint Pierre. The church was transformed into a Protestant church with the eminent Protestant Reformation which Geneva was an integral part of. Other than Romanesque detailing, you can also see the reflection of the Neoclassical facade, Gothic influence in its Gothic choir-stalls with delicate carving from the destroyed Chapelle des Florentines,  nave, aisles, choir, and transepts.

The symbolism of protestant reformation, Reformation Wall:

If you wish to know about the gravity of the Christian Reformation or the Protestant Reformation, as it is popularly referred to as., you should visit The Reformation Wall. This monumental documentation of the critical events and prominent figures who changed the world as we know it was built in 1909 on John Calvin’s 400th birthday. Constructed to pay homage to the Genevan reformers, this monument bears the words Post Tenebras Lux,” are Latin for “After the darkness, light.”

The calming, Place du Bourg-de-Four:

One of the oldest squares of Geneva, Place du Bourg-de-Four was built as a convent in the early 1700s and holds a historical significance. This pleasing atmospheric area is built on the site of a Roman forum and holds the stature of being one of the most critical marketplaces since the ninth century.

So the next time, you plan a vacation to Switzerland, make sure you don’t overlook this city on account of being boring. Explore the places mentioned above and get to see and feel Geneva in a different light. Make sure you either pre-book or book at an instant, airport taxi transfers service, that is available 24*7 outside Geneva Airport. You have the option to either book a private taxi or a shared service. You can trust upon the Geneva airport transfers on safely dropping and picking you up from your accommodation, regardless of the delay in your flight.

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