2 Cloud Solutions For Startups

There have been big changes in the last decade in the way companies used to do business. It is essential for each and every employee to work to their optimal levels for businesses to achieve high level of productivity. This is even more critical in the case of startups. It is essential to equip your workforce with the right information at the right time so that they can deliver their duties at optimal levels.

Startups have to manage and run everything efficiently – from marketing to sales to accounts and operations. Especially in an environment where people are still joining the company and it is testing its innovative ideas, it is important to provide information to everyone at the right time. Technology can help you work around the problem and develop a more efficient and productive team.

Cloud Technology: Empowering Startups

Technology has proven to be the magical wand that helped so many businesses enter the path to success. There are no limitations to the scope that technology can offer for a startup to run efficiently and grow. Cloud technology has been the biggest driving force in IT in recent years, taking cost-efficiency and productivity to the next level. This article provides you valuable information on some of the top cloud based solutions for your startup.

2 Cloud Solutions For Startups

SharePoint Gratuito: This cloud based solution enables you and your workforce to communicate, share information and collaborate on projects. You can have your own website set up instantly on the cloud. It can be in the form of an intranet, extranet, client-facing site or a document repository. Your workforce can use the site for communicating and sharing files/information with between them or with the clients. This can help your team do more within a given time and thus boost your business’ productivity. As the site is located on the cloud, your workforce can access all the files and documents from anywhere.

Benefits of SharePoint Gratuito

SharePoint Gratuito will give your team more freedom to work from any location. They will be able to access, share and edit files from anywhere and on any device. If your sales team is making a client call and need a presentation, your back office team can have it ready in minutes and share with the sales team. The client may need the latest report on your market share or any other information. SharePoint allows you to access any information on the cloud on any device.

There is no need to invest big in order to bring your team on the same platform. The SharePoint cloud site can be accessed on any device and you can allow your workforce to access it on their own smartphones and laptops.

Bring your entire team on the same platform and improve your overall efficiency. Visit https://www.cloudappsportal.com/ for more information about this cloud service.

Virtual Desktop Online: This is another cloud based solution for startups that allows your employees to access a virtual desktop hosted on the cloud from any location. It is the perfect technology tool that gives your workforce total freedom to work on the go. Apps4Rent’s Virtual Desktop Online allows your employees to access all your applications, files and resources on the virtual desktop remotely from any location. Your workforce can access the data and resources over a simple browser or by using Remote Data Protocol. Your team can access the virtual desktop and carry out their duties without concern where they are and what operating system or device they are using.

You can have your employees accessing all the local devices, like printers, on the virtual desktop from any location. You will have total control over whom to offer what level of access permission. Daily backup, multi-layered security, and 24×7 support, all mean high level of reliability. You don’t have to worry about any kind of disaster affecting your data stored on the cloud. Visit https://www.clouddesktoponline.com/ for more information about this cloud based solution.

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