3 Surprising Facts About Underground Garage Storm Shelters

Underground garage storm shelters is a built-in storage like shelter underground in a garage, can either be made of concrete or thick steel. With many sizes and levels, Underground garage shelters can be easily installed, fitted out of the way, under a garage of any home. The Underground garage shelter has been used for years, and is always undergoing testing to improve its durability, and maximum stability of the doors.

3 Surprising Facts About Underground Garage Storm Shelters

Three surprising facts about underground garage storm shelters.

#1. Underground shelter has been reported to be one of the safest places to be in the event of a level four – five hurricane, but is the most dangerous place to be in the event of a flood. You may not want to have an underground garage shelter that is close to flood areas. So Location must be the first thing to consider before install an underground garage shelter. One thing for sure, without any certainties of how a storm may hit, the turns and the moving of a storm may go; safety is a number one priory when considering shelter for you and your family.

For an example, it wouldn’t be safe to install underground garage storm shelter in Arkansas. Although it may be a dry and hot state, Arkansas has many hurricane and tornadoes throughout the year, and right afterwards it has usually has it usual rain falls. Just last year, Arkansas had 25 level ones and twos hurricanes and tornadoes and 2 floods. It doesn’t take much rain to be trapped in an underground shelter, underneath debris and rubble that is barricading the exit door of the underground shelter to have an entire family drown by a flood. So consider the guidelines for having Arkansas underground garage storm shelters in stalled if your planning on being a resident in Arkansas area. Arkansas underground garage storm shelters my have a differences in modifications in it’s location. So always make sure the location will be right for the installation.

#2. On a more positive since, underground garage is less expensive than the other shelters, or safe houses on the market. Usually with a free installation, and other promises, you must inquire about the life time guarantee, to ensure your shelter remains up-to-date. But the down size is, it’s unmovable, so if considering moving in the near future, this option may not be the right one for you.

#3. Portable shelters are always undergoing testing to meet standard FEMA rules and regulations. Testers even came up with water proofing the doors in the event of a flood, no worries about flooding out in the shelter. Although some shelters manufactures may proclaim their shelters are certified make sure it is FEMA certified for these testes are the actual testes that with stand the testes of a 4-5 level hurricane. They are continuing improving the door system of the underground safe house. Unlike other safe houses, like the above ground shelters, these shelters must be tested for much of its duration, because anything that crush or puncher the shelter, can put the people that are in the shelter in great danger. The only major concerns is underground shelter is the door on the testing, because of the level 4-5 can sweep away a street, the testers test for the endurance of the door, and make sure it don’t get stuck in the event of a 5 level hurricane.

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