4 Ways The 2014 Porsche Cayman Is Better Than The 911

The most unbelievable secret of the automotive world is the rumour that Porsche isn’t interested in posing Mid-Engined Cayman better in performance as compared to the vaunted rear engine 911. But, while watching the amazing 2014 Porsche Cayman twisting on the two-way lane, it was observed that Cayman is much better than 911.

4 Ways The 2014 Porsche Cayman Is Better Than The 911

Here are some ways that tell how is Cayman better.

  • Less pretentious: Porsche 911 is known as a status car. The average buyers of the 911 are the ones who has power and a status. They are tie-and-suit draping people who are more focussed over grabbing a business deal than a downshift of heel-and-toe. This doesn’t mean there is a deficit of the real enthusiasts who love driving the 911 the way it is designed and meant for to be driven. The people who purchased Cayman don’t buy it because they want to flaunt a Porsche, but, because they want to own a Cayman.
  • More Visceral: 2014 Porsche Cayman is much better in performance if compared to the 911. The mechanics say it all.  The mid-engine platform of the Cayman has a high-revving flat-6 and a wailing just after the head, whereas, the engine of Porsche 911 is equipped with unwanted rear seats, extra heavy bodywork and aft of rear axle.
  • Better weight distribution: There were certain issues with the placing o0f engine in the 911. Unlike it, Porsche has placed the engine of the Cayman in the exact location where it is supposed to be like placed in the Formula 1 cars “In the middle.”  With the right distribution of the weight that is 46/54, the Cayman is the most superior sports car till date. The mid-engine setup of the Cayman enhance it with low polar moments of inertia as with most of the cars the weight is closer to the center. This means that the responsive action of the Cayman on the driver input is much quicker and nimble than any other car.
  • Lighter: The Base model of the Porsche Cayman is 154 pounds less heavy than the Base model of the Porsche 911 along with the seven-speed manual transmission. There are different models available for the Cayman with different weights. The Cayman S weighs 2910 pounds, whereas the Carrera S is 165 pounds less in weight as compared to the Cayman S.

You can feel the difference what light vehicle make. The tossability of the Cayman on the road or the track is remarkable. The difference in the weight makes it easier to be handled by man when it exceeds, limits or approaches. This simply means saving money as you don’t have to spend much on brake pads, tires and clutches.

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