5 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Erectile dysfunction in men is one of those health problems that often cause stress, relationship complications and disturb one’s mental health. However, not being able to achieve an erection once in a while should not be an area of concern, but if the problem emerges time and again then a doctor should be consulted to find out the problem. It can be a symptom of one the more severe problems in the body or could be nothing and be treated easily. That’s why we have listed five such common causes of erectile dysfunction in men that might help you in understanding the problem better.

Clogged Blood Vessels

Also termed as Atherosclerosis, clogged blood vessels can hinder the blood flow which is usually caused by high blood pressure. In order to have an erection, blood needs to reach the penis through vessels. And if the vessels are blocked, achieving erection is a task. It happens due to either narrowing down of arteries or plaque collected in them. Not only it causes erectile dysfunction in men, but it can also pose a threat to your heart. Blocked arteries often are the reason behind a stroke.


Consumption of alcohol before sex can decrease the blood flow to your penis, cause premature ejaculation and be one of the reasons behind the need for a sexual dysfunction treatment. Erectile dysfunction in men is common among those who are on heavy alcohol dependence. Alcohol is a depressant, it slows down your body and can consequently affect your sexual performance. It also reduces testosterone levels which in turn affects the sexual desire.


The brain plays a significant role in maintaining an erection as it actively sends signals caused by any stimulation. Stress and anxiety can interfere with the flow of the brain and result in erectile dysfunction in men. Psychological reasons have significant holding over how our body physically reacts in different situations. Same is with problems related to erection. It can happen due to relationship problems, job-related issues, money-related issues or performance anxiety.


Pelvic trauma is one of the reasons behind erectile dysfunction in men. Penis injury can easily happen since it is not protected naturally. And it can cause erectile dysfunction when any of the blood vessels are injured, cutting off the blood supply to the penis. An immediate sexual dysfunction treatment is needed when a situation like this occurs. However, injuries like these that have happened in childhood can be treated through various ways in adulthood.


Erectile dysfunction is very common among men with diabetes. It is often a symptom of diabetes. Patients with diabetes usually have poor blood sugar levels for a longer period of time which damages the blood vessels and therefore causes erectile dysfunction in men. It not only disrupts erection but also affects sexual drive, strength and dampen the mood. However, controlling your diabetes can increase your libido and have reversible effects on erectile dysfunction.

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