5 Tips That Will Help Men Dress and Look Better

Men, today are more interested in styling than they ever were. They are now realizing the importance of dressing and styling to make an effective impression. Here are five tips that will help men improve their styling and dressing.

5 Tips That Will Help Men Dress and Look Better

Leave all what you already have and start from the basic

Style needs to have a good point starting point, hence before you start to get stylish make sure that you do not carry the image that you had earlier with you. Do not take this a abandoning all the clothes that are in your wardrobe and on your body. Obviously, that is a completely offbeat path to gain popularity and attract people. but you will at the end of the day have to make some major changes in your wardrobe. Do an extensive research and put efforts to figure out what suits you more and enhances your appeal. Again do not try to fill your shopping cart with one particular style. Keep at least three to four styles of clothes to keep yourself suitable to different occasions.

Simplicity is More Effective

Being simple is tough. There is a thin line between monotonous and

simple. You are a man, and men do not require whistles and glitters to create an impression. Keep your style simple and understand that there is no need for going extravagant. Simplicity is the symbol of high level of sophistication. When you need to flaunt some style, be the odd one out and try create your own classic look with simple clothing and required accessories. Accessorizing too much can spoil the look.

Put efforts. But do not let it Show

Women are known to take time (often many hours) to get ready but men are different. They may take time to get up from the bed, but they, must not take time to dress. The point is even if you put efforts, do not give an impression that you are spending hours to get ready. The styling and presentation should look effortless. Literally meaning that, you should be able to identify between what is really manageable for you. Do it once, but do it well.

Colors5 Tips That Will Help Men Dress and Look Better are Great to Experiment with

Sticking to specific colors can make you repetitive and reduce the impact of the finest clothing that you wear. White, grey, black and blue seem to be the safe choices for most men, but you need to move beyond them and try shades of pink and yellow. Men have the advantage over women to wear mismatch and carry them well. You can also look to discard the dull color and go for bright and vibrant colors.

Take Comments as Sign of Improvement

When you begin to change your look and adopt a different avatar for what you already were, you are likely to get comments and occasional jabs from your friends. Deal with such comments in a positive manner by taking them as signs of improvement. Do not take these comments seriously at all and laugh it off. Eventually people around you, that is your social and professional circle will get used to of the change and you would receive a positive feedback.

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