5 Ways a Personal Care Home Franchise Changes Lives

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for your next big break or a doting family member hoping to find an appropriate place for your loved ones to be cared for; A Personal Care Home Franchise could your saving grace. Certainly underappreciated, Personal Care Home Franchises offer a great deal to people, communities and more often than not, the opportunity to change lives.

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Opportunity for Entrepreneurship – Lower Investment

In an ever changing and growing economy, finding work can be hard but establishing a business can be even harder. Most people nowadays are looking for a business ideas with low start-up costs and ensure an increase in revenue over the next few years. Creating a Personal Care Home Franchise combines both of these needs. Firstly, unlike most other business ideas, costs for starting a care home franchise start as low as $150,000 or less and 20 hours a week of home care service costs around $18,000. Considering the amount of people you will be serving, the jobs you will be providing and the state of the market for Personal Care Homes, which is somewhat underappreciated; starting a business plan in this sector could in fact change your life. If you are looking for a new avenue and tired of your nine to five schedule, investing in personal care homes wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Growing Demand/Industry

The healthcare industry is 96 Billion Dollars strong and it is continuously growing. Even more interesting is the fact that the baby boomer generation – the beneficiaries of this service you are going to provide – is set to double, even triple by 2050. The opportunity and the demand is there. You don’t want to miss out on a life-changing experience.

Community Involvement

Working with people will lead into communication with other people. Providing a service that benefits the elderly will help ingratiate yourself with the community. In addition, with a growing business you can give back to the community in charitable donations, and more often than not, you might receive a few too.

Nevertheless, if you are not an entrepreneur but you are interested in creating a better life your loved ones in regard to their healthcare opportunities; assistance from a Care Home Franchise could be an extremely attractive idea.


In need of care, most elderly people are sent to care homes. Reasons being an the inability to care for them or the expectation of increased expenses should the family decide to care for them at home. Initially in these care homes, your loved ones can become unsettled and aggravated by the difference of these places. Newness can create a hostile environment. The development of a Personal Care Home Franchise helps alleviate these issues.

Creating a Home Franchise allows your loved ones to continue their golden years in their own homes. Familiarity cannot be understated in the care of the elderly. It will assist with their comfort and continue to make them feel alive rather than cooped up in a facility.


With the loss of health comes the loss of independence. Elderly people are continuously concerned with their independence. Honestly, after living years of your life independently and caring for others, it can be hard to give up the keys to another. Combined with the familiarity of living in one’s own home, a Personal Care Home Franchise will provide a greater sense of independence. It won’t feel like imprisonment, and more like care, which it is. Nurses will assist in providing basic living function without impacting the autonomy of the patient. Your loved ones will love you for it and compared to others, they would consider you choice life changing. You have provided them the ability to be cared for in their own home and a continued level of independence.

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