6 Common Diseases Caused By Stress

Stress can lead to serious health problems of obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression and a sudden a rise in blood pressure, lack of sleep and stress are factors of an unhealthy diet. More than half of world population experienced stress, they have trouble sleeping at night.

7 Common Diseases Caused By Stress

Psychiatric Disorders

Stress can lead to depression and anxiety, can cause nervousness, panic attacks. Because stress lowers your concentration, tiredness and disinterest comes from the surrounding world. That can lead to drug or alcohol addiction.

High Cholesterol

Stress can have an effect on your metabolism that can lead to fat deposit in your body. Basically, the body tries to get rid of this stress so.  When you are stressed, Actually you  tend to eat more, smoke more, and it can cause high cholesterol. That can raise levels LDLs and decrease levels of HDLs.


Stress, anger or overwork may trigger an episode of gastric diseases. Duodenal ulcer is one of them. It occurs more often in women than in men and usually occurs around age 25 to 45 years. Gallstones, Biliary crises, bouts of constipation or diarrhea and other effects of stress are increased.

Weight Gain

Stress can increase cortisol, which  can cause excessive hunger. Therefore, many people who suffer from stress and overwork  at night. Therefore, it is good to use aromatherapy in tense situations.

Heart Disease

Stress contributes to heart disease, Stress can influence the behaviors and factors that increase the risk of heart disease. High blood pressure and cholesterol levels, smoking,   that may damage artery walls.. Physical and emotional imbalance disorders affect the heart and blood vessels. Many studies reported that increased stress levels at overwork that can lead to the heart attacks and strokes.


Diabetes is related to prolonged stress. Blood sugar levels increases repeatedly, psychological stress leads to increase glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes and  type 1 diabetes. The level varies from person to person.

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